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17 de Febrero, 2015    General

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner 02/19/2015 Astrological Predictions.

2015 Annual Map
This year's annual birthday day map Cristina Fernandez is the Sun in the 9th house will almost 10, so tend to travel a lot, to have much political contact in your contacts, and the possibility of significant achievements, both personal and impersonal. Económicoen social success and political and personal. Are 5 planets in Pisces and in the 10th house, the success and profession, Venus, Moon, Neptune, Mars and Chiron, first it may indicate a lot of personal strength, enthusiasm, optimism, love what you do, much popularity or social support, much intuition, great possibility for political and social success, much magnetism of social support, and international political support, to be able to do many alliances, whether political or economic. Uranus is in the 11th house, conjunct the South Node moon, so the old objectives to solve have to be faced and solved, otherwise the social and economic impact would be in a very deep kaos, and the possibility of large riots or social events, which may result in a fall in its management, and also with the possibility of many deaths in the clashes. Makes a positive Jupiter Uranus and the Lunar Nodes appearance, giving the possibility to solve difficult or almost impossible to resolve situations, can bring positivity scale, with new ideas, very positive, and the possibility of expanción agreements international. The Black Moon is in the 4th house, which is where she has from birth, so the situations of home, family, or internal laws, can betray or bring  problems, to September next year will look this enhanced, and the biggest crisis in its working group, or family.
The Lunar North Node is in the 5th house, so their ultimate goal is to focus on herself, and focus on the feel of his sons, who maintain or seek to maintain a strong bond. Saturn is in the 7th house, so you must work very seriously the social and political issue because unforgiving, points out mistakes or amplifies; the worst is left in negatives with planets house 9 and 10, the Sun, Neptune and Moon, working as a big brake or locking, political, social, professional, and health. This may indicate abandonment of the policy, or its management, either disappointment or depression, lack of political and social support, or health or family problems act as triggers of defeat, and feels compelled to leave, or perhaps also some international political setback, see that it is not possible to follow its political model; it may also be the case that some of his cabinet abdicate and become very lonely decides to stop their actions. Has a lot of inner strength and conviction as well, but we depend on the environment that follows us. It is a year full of doubts, insertidumbres, and disappointments.
Solar Revolution -Lunar and planetary transits.
About the Sun natal bedins the year with a new moon, this means that starts with big changes in your life, perhaps changes in the profession, changes in how we approach life at social, and economic level as well. There is a tendency to want to go home to home, or want to retire to his home, maybe sell some property and real estate, and buy another. One of her goals is to renew or activate more work activity in Argentina, despite strong opociciones, can generate very significant changes. You can expand the horizon a little foreign trade, and the situation in the world will help the Argentina benefit in trade, and politics. Will new alliances and support of several countries, and the treachery of others. From May to December may have health problems that sepueden get worse throughout the year, which can be fatal; and also some family problems rather difficult. HBRA changes in the family, children, and perhaps new individual band members of the family. Many trips through their work, and a lot of social activity.
If configuration needs to take stock of social success, and controvercias, you could say it's a much more leno successful than the previous year, and even if new elections were present say she would win year, but physical controvercias, Family and the reverse of some accompanying can not follow in their management.
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer
By birth charts to
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