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08 de Diciembre, 2012    General

Crisis? Spiritual or cancellation by problems created? (IV)

Everyone thought energy, behave and developed by our thoughts, positive and negative constantly interact, the predominance of one over the other will make our lives better or worse. All thoughts that bring us closer to the material, generating desire of possession, produce negative states and to the extent that they fail, the longer appear anxiety, hopelessness, dominate this state, (the greater), weakening the spirit with unsuspected consequences. If we become aware that things are only passengers elements in some cases allow us to live a little better, but they are still things and a relative value, it costs a lot to get and worthless at the time of disposal or sale , to the satisfaction of achieving ends at the same moment when we want something else, or see a more developed, or that have other etc. etc.
The start value in yourself, if I value and positive actions performed on me, generate a loving energy that unconsciously transmit to others, producing pleasure and wellness.
Love is the universal principle that sustains everything in the universe, we are created for love, is the feeling that makes everything positive, we best to solve problems, to communicate, to understand the actions or situations, all in all, we see the world much better and find the best answers or solutions to all problems.
A negative attitude such as: "I do things out of obligation," "nothing like" and change it to "I do things because I get to learn and improve" or "but I do not like, learn new experiences" are taking the first steps to positive states of individual improvement.
Through the mind we connect with the universe, the big antenna is why our thoughts are connected with the universe transmitting positive and negative. Because the universe is perfect filters letting the positive thinking and negative repelling the origin, to be processed making them positive, but when there are positive and negative persist, go to our body organs or muscles staying in producing mild to incurable diseases.
 The more you have positive thoughts, our spirit will vibrate at a higher speed, feeling better, facing life in a better environment. In contrast the negative thoughts that we can not act in us positive return sick mind, body etc. our spirit vibrate very low stocks attracting increasingly dense, limiting the reasoning and finding the solutions needed to solve problems, making a vicious circle. The feelings go hand in hand with the thoughts, if they are of love for humanity, the planet and the universe, with particular actions as helping their peers, ecology and universal love without distinction of race, religion etc. (selflessly, without rewards), family harmony, neighbors, co-workers or studies etc.etc.etc. our spirit will grow stronger from the individual with significance to others.
(To be continued)

Note: Chapter (I) published on 19.10.2012
         Chapter (II) published on 10.29.2012
         Chapter (III) posted on 11/06/2012
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