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06 de Noviembre, 2012    General

Crisis? Spiritual or cancellation by problems created? (III)

Always have existed strong and less strong spirits apparently we are all strong. That force is weakened by the immense amount of challenges we face daily. Ninety percent of this problem is induced, is not peculiar to us. Very intelligent spirits who know perfectly functioning, causing needs dominate others, (many very difficult decision as is the case of addictions). The key is in need, as we discussed which is the starting point for the mobilization of the spirit, achievement or accomplishment not produce positive or negative emotions. Negative feelings are the easiest to master, as they lose the will and are induced to do the will of other spirits to achieve hidden goals.
In the principles of humanity was used brute force of one on one, then joined in communities, the forces were formed into groups to subject the rest, later found weapons, strategists, gunpowder, although the forces tend to balance , new forms of subjection and spiritual weakness, like money, print media, banks, stock exchanges, radio, television, air traffic control, atomic bombs, economic terrorism, and finally, as a corollary of all these forces appears INTERNET, the masterpiece of spiritual weakness. We are bombarded with conflicting information, the bad guys are so bad, the good ones are not, the thought is full of doubts (doubt is the enemy of the will), the spirit can not reason properly, we lose the objectives, also will have feelings of disappointment and depression the next step.
Who do you vote?, What car to buy?, Did Christ was good?, Do aliens rule us? etc.etc.etc.
How can we think of ourselves if we say all we have or not to do? . The information we induce trends. Governments lie to us in elections before being global banking servers. Mobsters come to power by popular vote, etc, etc, etc.
If you think from the consciousness, the reality would be different, would not propaganda we create a false need. Nobody will convince with hollow verbiage, to do or not actions that have hidden objectives.
One must feel from the inside and we would see that very few real things we need.
(To be continued)
Note: Chapter (I) published on 19.10.2012
         Chapter (II) published on 10.29.2012

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