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12 de Noviembre, 2012    General

Scorpio New Moon 11/13/2012

This New Moon occurs in the 4th house in Scorpio, in bad aspect with Neptune. Scorpio is to observe, manage consientemente situations, wanting to achieve their objectives in full force and conviction, no half measures, so that the decisions taken will be with constant, very strong, and durable. The downside of Neptune can make you have disappointments from contact with others or situations for someone's death, or things of the past that can not be solved, or things that are seemingly impossible to achieve or solve, they become unmanageable. Some take the path of deception to make their things done, or otherwise false sense Neptune square can, may cause or attract false or unscrupulous people who want to use or used. The positive aspect of Jupiter to Venus, give extraordinary luck in the area of ​​family, love, social situations, large-scale meetings with people, or mass meetings, the possibility of making things that are unattainable at another time. It's a good time to stabilize a great love. Politicians are in a dual situation, on one hand the situation of armed conflict, and on the other the construction of new political regimes. The possibility of the death of a political leader continued, and the emergence of a new one.

They may have serious incidents especially water, either by torrential rains, high tides, flooding, high winds, etc..

For different signs:

Aries may be having problems with children, but this force launched to want to achieve your goals, you may have new opportunities in their profession, and also some possibility of career advancement or social achievement.

Taurus You may be encountering old goals, and this rethinking his life, but as he does not like change, continues with regular inertia. It is likely that at a time of great decisions.

Gemini now has everything going for it, anything is possible and manifest. is a great time, both in love, and the spiritual, and social. Perhaps the possibility of long journey.

Cancer half needs rest, and the other is full with activities, friends, and social contacts. You need to take time to analyze and be alone or observed.

Leo is also highly demanded as, pressured by the environment, and feels he has to be a little more in solitude to think about himself, because he needs to be more balanced in their personal strength. However continuing with his usual strength to do everything.

Virgo is a very good time to fix things virgo for material and legal in nature. Has a good chance of achieving a good level money.

Libra has good winds of love and pleasure, excellent opportunities in all areas, travel, sports, spiritual, studies, legal solutions, family reunions, achievements impossible goals, achievements of money, new labor contracts, etc..

Scorpio is between stability, structure, the controlled, full personal power, check your disappointments, disappointments, several conflicts. Eager to join things and take things apart.

Sagittarius this as a creative, positive, with good possibilities for action in all ares, pear is a good time to troubleshoot situations with children. Much sexual magnetism. Perhaps the encounter with that person understand in that area.

Capricorn supported by Saturn and Neptune gives them stability, fairness, consistency, and depth to act. Job security, and health. Maybe find a way to resolve their situation in the labor and health problems.

Aquarius feels more independent than ever, but the social situation can exceed it. In humanitarian activities. The couple is taking place in your life more, perhaps marriage plans, or a marriage partner.

Pisces should health care much whether physical, emotional, and psychological. Situations can be difficult, but Pisces the water passes. Intuition will be in good ally, but everything should be in a frame of righteousness total. Many trips.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer.

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