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20 de Diciembre, 2014    General

Capricorn New Moon 12/21/2014

 Capricorn New Moon 12/21/2014  29hs33´ Cuzco

This New Moon occurs in the 5th house in Capricorn, so changes can be personal in the area of creativity, expression of personality, control of finances, and contact with children or children. It is likely that these days many children gesten because Jupiter helps positively to this New Moon. Intuition or perception also be increased or expanded on these days so you can have an extra element to face the current situation. Saturn is in bad aspects to Neptune and Jupiter making situations home are somewhat inharmonious or difficult to carry, it is likely that many couples are separated due to discover that their partner is cheating or lets it down somehow, will tend to dissolution, and suffering by the family. It is likely that a president or president abandon its management or be forced to leave and retire its mandate. Another thing that reaffirms this is that Pluto - Venus - Mercury are conjunct, are in inharmonious with the Lunar Nodes and Uranus, causing it becomes difficult to find the direction to follow, and that the power of the masses, society or peoples want to express in some way, making revolts, revolutions, riots, mass mobilizations of people, especially on the subject of work, and health in general; international relations are in conflict, or can not find the correct direction to follow. But for the moment no extreme violence and in some cases it has been created in different life hotspot in the world, and different forms of expression.

Is also likely to continue to occur some pests or virus-related pollution of all kinds. fears and insecurity can be exaservadas or enlarged, like melancholy and loneliness, and the feeling of abandonment, generated by Saturn square - Neptune, so we must be attentive to all these states generated by this astrological situation, to analyze what is behind it psychologically.

For different signs:

While Aries is in the eye of the storm, wanting to change everything, you probably feel the need to change a spiritual level, change studies, to do sports, to change the country, change jobs, etc. There may be sexual recovery, and new labor contracts.

Taurus this is an extraordinary time to be successful in the profession or what you are doing, you have a terrific time at work, you may open the doors to success in every way.

Gemini can have their clear goals and still keep your goals in the direction you want. Soon you will enter Saturn in Sagittarius which is the opposite sign, and be very required or pressured by three years the duration of the transit there. People that keeps them going.

Cancer these days are not the best, is likely to feel very alone or with little or no support, must wait out Capricorn for better projection or situations best achievements of their projects.

Leo on the one hand accompanies the wheel of fortune that can give them good luck situations, on the other hand have Jupiter in your sign, you can give them expand and achievements in a higher level. The negative aspect of Saturn to Jupiter can give the feeling of having the brake on or situations that are demanding too much.

Virgo labor and economic situations can be in your favor, there may be expansion in social relationships, greater control over situations.

Libra can be in various intrigues to see, you may be solving legal, economic situations, and on the other hand have to deal with labor problems. Maybe profound changes in paradigms of life, changes in the spiritual and the labor.

Scorpio are much doomed to family relationship and resolve things of the past. Good working conditions, but conflicts with the power of others.

Sagittarius good time personally, December was a very deep and intense moment for you, changes may come across children.

Capricorn are in a time of profound changes, they feel that everything can and do change, want to reform all its sentimental, working life and mental, spiritual, etc, but under pressure and very conflicting and intense situations.

Aquarius good time for romance and sex, are very eccentric, independent and individual, but with a great desire to delve into love and relationships.

Pisces on one side are all the active antennas, all intuition and inner strength, they feel they can go much deeper than in previous months. The Saturn square Neptune can give them insecurity, fear, depression, feeling to abandon their projects.

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer


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