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31 de Diciembre, 2017    General

Capricorn full moon 1-1-2018

This full moon is just produced in 1-1-2018 with a complex astrological situation, some positive and others not so much, but the most interesting is the system that has been taking place for a couple of weeks, as the entry of Saturn to Capricorn, the conjunction of Saturn to Lilith, the conjuntion of Saturn Venus, the conjunction of the Sun with Venus, and Pluto in these days. This full moon can mark new projects in every sense, creations of new friendships, many meetings with people and people, projects that involve the social or the massive contact of people; the theme is that the Moon is in opposition to Venus, the Sun, Pluto, and Lilith, so it is likely that there are conflicting situations at the social level or that situations that affect many people in a group, will be those who hold power For the sake of others, it is likely that there is some politician that increases their popularity or political and social power, lilith may be contributing a tint of negativity, betrayal or deception to situations, so what is presented in these days must be reviewed Very well, in case there is any hidden or negative background. The conjunction of Venus - Sun always generates some important change, especially in the area of ​​love or feelings, art, music, fashion, everything that has to do with beauty, architecture, design, sculpture, and in Capricorn increases the capacity for resistance in feelings, makes them more serious, constant and with a touch of responsibility, and wanting them to last forever, also increases the mathematical capacity, and constructive, making many people can reach have large-scale money gains, along with the support of Pluto that powers him, and that of Mars and Jupiter, strength and expansion, banking entities and large corporations will be supported by this astrological situation. The astrological support of Mars to Venus - Sun may indicate that sentimental situations and sexuality will increase, giving the possibility of many contacts, passionate, with great intensity, and almost without brakes. There is a great trine, positive aspect, between the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, making a deeply enhanced aspect, in the spiritual area, the couple, the social, intuition, perception, physical travel and astral travel, for those who are in the area of painting can be extraodinary moments of inspiration, for some people can achieve a reputation or almost unique reputation. Mars and Jupiter in conjunction always give an almost unique strength, outside fears, and loaded with physical strength, sexual magnetism, extreme actions, struggles, physical recovery of some disease, but can also produce liver inflammation, and headaches; This conjunction is square to the Lunar Nodes, so it can mean that you can feel that you can achieve everything, but with the feeling that everything is held back or you do not have enough resources to achieve what you want, strength is, and the decision, but there are factors that make it not fully achieved, it may be the case that there are people who want to impose their objectives above all and even under coercion, or by force. Uranus still has a square Pluto so the social or mass dissatisfaction of the people continues, the rebellion and the massive demonstration tends to continue, the problem may be that many people may die for this cause or for all kinds of attacks. Uranus receives a positive aspect of mercury making creative intelligence increase, especially in the area of science, technology, invention, book writing, the area of psychic and psychological research. Within a few days there will be a conjunction that I think is historical, from the Sun - Venus - Pluto in Capricorn, of which I will speak in a few days more.

For the different signs:

Aries begins the year with a lot of inner strength, with alert intelligence, a lot of inventive capacity, with constructive force, and long-term projects, solutions of legal or family issues, there can be tensions with the children if they have them.

Taurus feel demanding or pressured by family, social, sexual, physical circumstances, or their own strength to face situations. Perhaps long trips, beginning of studies, with a need to deepen in the spiritual, sports, action in general.

Geminis may that situations affect you indirectly, perhaps things that you can not fully handle, things that get out of hand. For some important achievements of money, achievements in the profession, job promotion, or find a job associated with their profession, of good remuneration.

Cancer many tensions, a lot of pressure, but the goals remain clear, a lot of contact with people, or a lot of social activity, a lot of intuition, inner strength, a lot of sexual magnetism, a lot of determination or strength. Situations with children, and for some women, pregnancy or the arrival of children.

Leo are as isolated, or removed from social or external contact, but are fully planning what they want for their destiny or future, are very creative or very clearly in mind, but many things may be as braked, or somehow They are pushing or cohering to be able to achieve their purposes.

Virgo are acting much better than a time ago, they have a lot of astrological support, they feel a lot of inner strength, strength of action, physical strength, sexual magnetism, many situations with children if they have them, strong emotions, for some women pregnancies or children coming .

Libra very pressured by everything, on the one hand they feel a great emptiness of everything, but it is a good moment for the material achievements and money earnings.

Scorpio have a great astrological support, a lot of inner strength, strong sexual magnetism, a lot of social contact, maybe some love relationship, possibility of generating pregnancies, or new children, situations with siblings, legal solutions, possibility of studies, or achievements through these .

Sagittarius on the one hand feel somewhat alone, but with the help of reasoning, and creative force, a lot of capacity in the area of invention, and the projection of their objectives. The situations of home and family are the most important in these days.

Capricorn are overburdened with energy, a lot of inner strength, a lot of creativity, strong emotions, the possibility of a deep love relationship, internal and external changes, a lot of inner power, contact with people of legal age, projects can be changed or reformed at will. Possibility of generating children or pregnancies.

Aquarius the conditions can be in the area of health, things that can not be cured inside the self, old memories that need to be solved, perhaps a lot of work and a lot of stress, for many activities.

Pisces a lot of social contact and social support, perhaps an important, idyllic, or very deep love relationship, a lot of intuition, a lot of strength despite everything they are living. The wheel of fortune accompanies them.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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