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05 de Enero, 2012    General

Capricorn Full Moon 09-01-2012

The Sun is in the ascendant and the Moon in the 7th house, in good aspect with Mars. Will power and self expression, will be up for action. It can do things that at other times you may feel inhibited to act, giving the possibility of projection of self, with seriousness, constancy, coolness, and computing power of Capricorn. Emotions can address the need for a new partner, or want to relate to someone through love, or a serious relationship or marriage plans. The good aspect of Mars, can improve part of sexuality and passions. It may be that people who had separated, were back together, or resolve their differences. The wheel of fortune falls on the 7th house, so they can also develop new relationships fortunate. Something interesting will happen in these days, a double combination, on one hand Venus with Neptune (in Aquarius), and a Mercury-Pluto (in Capricorn), who'll talk more specifically when they are in perfect combination on 01.13.2012 . Venus Neptune are on the house 2, by intuition, and social relationships open the doors to financial success, there will be a stroke of good luck streak in which things can be achieved in orthos are extremely difficult times, This combination will enable it to be made easy, with good chances of financial success. Mercury Pluto conjunction, on the other hand give a lot of willpower, concentration, observation, ability to see the details, and greater self-management and situations, but also a lot of force to change all those things that we can not reform in other times. But the square of Uranus continue to generate tensions and rebellions of all kinds, and little patience, to those around us and present situations. Perhaps the tensions are unresolved economic problems, or things that are not handled in the future. The Saturn-Jupiter opposition will continue to generate political problems of all types at both international and internal, of conspiracy and betrayal will be on hand and will be known. There will be very careful of scams and what business it is signed. On the one hand may have positive international agreements for the help of conjunctions Venus-Neptune, and Pluto-Mercury, but it is necessary to review the case, because some people want to take advantage of situations, those in defeat especially . Continue the possibility of the deaths of politicians and economists (as I was saying, and I have been demonstrating at the international level and national level in Argentina, with three dead politicians). The midheaven is in Scorpio and that international politics is in an excellent time for crises of all kinds. The earthquakes or aftershocks problems like the winds, (which also been announced and have been demonstrating everywhere these days in Japan, India, Iceland, etc.) are produced by this Uranus-Pluto square, which adds Mercurio, can produce a scientific problem are out of hand, or a problem with a nuclear reactor, or a war that may be brewing. You can still be provided by some act of negligence or recklessness. Fires are also being produced by this square, like those of Chile. Explosions and bombings as well.

For different signs:

Aries is the recipient of the stresses of Uranus, then they tend to rebel and act with greater momentum. But feel much strength to act and react, are not static. Impulsivity is also in the area of ​​sexuality, and feel more independent in the area of ​​the couple, so that trends in relationships outside the current partners, or even to act with more to see, sexual and emotional overload . There is a need to act independently at the money.

Taurus on the one hand it feels very sure you can accomplish things on a large scale in all matters relating to the material side, but also feels limited or braking to achieve more. Care should be taken of betrayal for a long time and not be used by the circumstances. Tends to cling to the family, and maybe that's the biggest factor to scoot definitely do greater things. It is possible home buying or home selling. Or make money in the construction area.

Gemini is as well packed in their projects, tends to increase its activities in the area of ​​social and labor. Possibility of children or grandchildren. You should also take care of stress. Good time for those who are actors or are in theater, new proposals and achievements. Also gains in the financial area. Achievements of old goals.

Cancer partner. You may find a couple to get married, or that will bring good luck, or it may be the case that your partner has a major windfall. can also be the case that settled things back to the theme of the couple.

Leo also has a couple situations associated with good possibility of renewal or changes to the couples. Perhaps legal solutions or possible inheritance. Have to watch a lot of health and reason long before acting, because the negligence can lead to serious mistakes. Perhaps some new business partnership, and the possibility of driving a new position or leadership. Need to change or reform all around.

Although Virgo is the expectation of what is happening, almost like a passive observer, you may encounter with unusual sex or not intended, or perhaps a romantic relationship with someone you love or loved in the past, and that some reason could not have a meeting. Lots of action with the strength of mind, many focus on the details, but he was not hand fence with criticism, you are a perfectionist, but maybe others do not.

Libra is expanding its Orizontes, both intellectual and spiritual, and the ability to make long trips, or going to live abroad, either for work or a couple, or studies. Despite the economic constraints there are new prospects for financial success, especially in the area of ​​fashion, art, music, singing, and all those activities related to contact with the public. Orizontes are being developed in the future good of a pound.

Scorpio is and will be at the top of the best, is a very good time to get in touch the ares of your life, everything is presented as to leave and work well. It has the ability, strength and self-sufficient to carry out their projects, they do not waste a great time.

Sagittarius has also all its projects on hand, with very good prospects in every way. You can reach all the old goals and organize your life, thinking about his future. is likely to need much rest, accumulated stress. And if possible go to a psychologist for help with their old conflicts.

Capricorn is a very good time to organize your life, put together all that has been weighing, since the will is strengthened. The body also is favored, so you may have a good time for the physical and psychological. Projects can go on rails, and be very solid and firm as you like Capricorn, and last for long. You may have the possibility of a couple, which greatly stimulated to act.

Aquarius may improve their economic, social, cultural and relationship in general. Perhaps a deep loving relationship, someone who can idealize or like their ideals or dreams. Good time for musicians, artists and those who are in the area of ​​science. You may discover things at other times could not see. An angel will be looking.

Pisces is the best in over-spending and perhaps somewhat unconcerned about what is coming. You may have some new work project, or the possibility of new perspectives within the actual. Travel expenses or relatives. You may have to caring for children of relatives or neighbors. Maybe love is a door. Good time for actors and artists.

Ricardo Zani astrologer.

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