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09 de Enero, 2012    General

two conjunction 01/13/2012

Venus-Neptune conjunction 1/13/2012

Venus is about love, society, the connection with others, art, beauty, family, marriage, and the opposite of choice. Neptune is profound, sublime and ethereal, illusory, with the need to translate things, of being superficial and deep as the sea. This combination gives a deep feeling, or causes to be reached at other times feelings that can not be reached, further, will find in yourself throughout almost unique potential. There will be a tendency to fall, to find a partner who can be very durable, spiritual, serious and sustained. From the spiritual point of view is a special time for meditation, astral travel, the greater liaison and contact with the love of God. It is an excellent time for artists of all kinds, painters, musicians, actors, and artisans of all kinds where creativity will be extreme or extended. In addition the expression of all these layers than at other times not begin to express. There may be demonstrations of people for world peace, or by their cities, also for humanitarian action. Are likely to appear new artists to reach fame or popularity, or being awarded artists who never made it. There may be large mobilizations for religious affairs. The relationships that occur on these days will be very deep and lasting. Maybe someone new pair of royalty. Also the emergence of a new religious leader or spiritual master. Profound changes in religion. One change may be by death or removal of an important religious leader, and be replaced by another with different beliefs.
Ricardo Zani astrologer
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Mercury conjunct Pluto 13/01/2012

Pluto is about power, energy, mass or self-control, and somehow the riches, strength and magnetism of selfishness. Mercury is the mind, reason, or ability to reason, details, the mental expression, analysis, and so on. Both planets in conjunction are highly concentrated the mind, observant, able to go much deeper than usual, is special for all those studying, especially in higher education, and also gives more power to scientists, and all they are in a position of control or power, whether political or economic. Being in the house 8 makes it much deeper this conjunction, giving an added help to solve psychological problems, legal problems, and to have more magnetic attraction, and be deeper in the internal programming. So it's a good time to schedule things. And also check all those things at another time we can not from internal errors. Provides greater self-control in relation to others. Capricorn This combination is much more serious and calculated or structured, the coldness of Capricorn makes the mind acting as a judge without mercy or fully strict. The square of Uranus makes the mind is impatient or work under stress, you may want to store the mind to put pressure on others or on-demand, may have problems with energy or energy, especially nuclear power, may increase the legal disputes nuclear situations. The trine to Jupiter gives greater depth and the possibility of expanding the resources and expand the mind, and see more clearly the prevailing economic conditions. Saturn is in opposition with Jupiter and square to the Sun, the Sun in the 9th house, so one would expect a conflict between countries, or international relations will be locked. On this day there is a particular situation, which also produces another Neptune conjunction of Venus, so it's to be expected in a particular situation these days, special events or significant.
Ricardo Zani astrologer.
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