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20 de Julio, 2013    General

Cancer Full Moon 07/22/2013

The Sun is in the 7th house and the Moon in the 1st house, both square Saturn. So what will be most affected will be the social or society in general, family, and the couple individually. This day and the days before and after are very complex, between achievement and success for some, and for others deep crisis, both in high places and in the middle class and poor, I think that in these days begin to define many things that in subsequent years will be reflected both in the spiritual, as the material. On this day the planets make a hexagon as drawing, almost all interconnected through sextiles, trines and oppositions, this means a force that can be harnessed, creating an inner strength that can be projected deep into the address is chosen. One of the particular things of this day is that Mars, Jupiter, Lilith, and the wheel of fortune, are in conjunction in the 7th house, this huge male strength expressed through the social partners and with great magnetism and expression sexual, with strong tendencies pair bonds or companies, large mobilizations of people, provided that Mars and Jupiter together and poorly aspected by any planet to generate violence and destruction, in this case Pluto and Uranus are in bad aspect, coupled with conjunction with Black Moon Lilith or so all kinds of betrayals or dark situations are to be expected, even war situations between countries and even within countries. this situation supports the square that make the Moon and the Sun to Saturn, it can also be the case that cerium weather situations are generating problems in the world, such as volcanoes, tidal waves, massive rains, high winds, etc.. In short this day gives a lot to consider, and the days before and after.

For different signs:

Aries in July is not his best season, but with his naturally combative force can change everything, but not destroyed.

Taurus home and family are anchoring or limiting it, however need to make changes to past mistakes. May return to a previous family or previous home.

Gemini being cured perhaps of some conditions, and their work is being activated a little more, good time for writers.

Cancer partner's situation and the social is what most should review and consider eye with the betrayals, but it is likely that luck be with, but can those who are about to marry, do not do it now.

Leo is likely to feel a bit more balanced than previous days, but not immune to the influence of these days, review the discussion of the couple, and health. Watch out for the job.

Virgo is likely to find love on the road, while it is mobilized, is likely to be something deep. Also a special spiritual experience.

Libra is likely to feel depressed about the whole situation, but took refuge in the spiritual. Good time for students, and for those who want to lose.

Scorpio can be presented as someone who rises to the throne but I want to take, good time for large-scale achievements, both in politics and spiritually.

Sagittarius may feel lonelier and support, but their goals are not denied, is a time of retraining.

Capricorn is likely to feel personally and professionally every time things are better, but the situation with the couple opposite, or is pushing for more. The family did not help.

Aquarius many tensions and intrigues in his actions, yet can have significant achievements of money.

Pisces is truly a moving sea and situations that plague or mobilized, great potential for all, both the money and the social partner, to see what they bring waves.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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