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10 de Enero, 2013    General

Capricorn New Moon 11/01/2013

This New Moon occurs in the 5th house, conjunct Mercury, in good aspect to the lunar nodes. Creativity, personality expression, the inner self, the most important of this event, will power, accompanied by the power of love and the rational capacity. It's a good time for those in the theater and they have to be at a large scale expression. is a good time for international politics and politicians, by the great prospects that can reach in any type of long-term negatives. The Lunar Nodes are between the house 4 (North), and the 10th house (South), so the achievements and projects of the past used to new schedules and new structures for the future, is a great time to schedule or make new projects, you need a good forward looking, stable and constant. Jupiter is in the 10th house, in bad aspect with Neptune, but in good aspect to Uranus, so you have to be wary of financial scams or unscrupulous people who tend to use the situation to use the weak or poor. Uranus will support greater intelligence forces, and everything related to science and technical capacity. Good time for those in agriculture and animal husbandry. From the physical point of view, it may indicate that there may be all kinds of viral outbreaks, problems in the liver and intestines, circulatory problems, blood pressure problems, cracks, or calcification problems, spine, and bones. From the point of view of the world, high tides, water demonstrations, floods, heavy snows unusual earthquakes, windstorms, volcanic eruptions, etc.. It will tend to a profound change in international politics, and policies of countries, many countries will change their angle of action, whether both the current situation, or the pressure of the people.

For different signs:

Aries is risky at all, because he likes to prove and prove to others, at this time his risk can be extreme, but it can go wrong, beware of unnecessary risks, care for your health. Some solutions to their problems or luck with money and profession.

Taurus is likely to feel sure of his fate, and risk a lot, you probably have an important achievement in the profession. Maybe a long journey for pleasure or work.

Gemini is likely to be doing new work or business plans. Beware of commercial proposals, may be a victim of fraud or deceit, and love relationships alike.

Cancer is very dedicated to his goals and his family, which is probably not seeing the future clearly, by the pressures of the current situation.

Leo is being taken as an impasse or time to act or react, the current situation does not help much.

Virgo lucky and inertia are accompanying him and pushing, perhaps restoring some physical problem.

Libra on the one hand many relationships with people, especially family, and other situations good money solutions, or luck with money. Good time for students.

Scorpio on one hand has a lot of water in his favor, but much fire against, well governing their passions and not be swayed by them. Need to reunite the family.

Sagittarius may postpone a trip by family situations, or otherwise possibility of going to live abroad.

Capricorn is a profound moment of change, of new love experiences, get in the car self-control, to renew family situations, and even for women who want to become pregnant. Achievements by the children.

Aquarium presents new work or business situations, new partner and work situations with your partner. Take good care of your health, do not risk your life for nothing.

Pisces good time in social and family situations, perhaps love situations interesting, related to cultural or art. Good time for artistas.Cuide much your health, especially blood problems, and viral.

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