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04 de Junio, 2013    General

Astrological 06/06/2013

 This day was suggested by a fellow astrologer, especially for the numerical trend of the day, 2 +0 +1 +3 = 6, 6 +6 +6 = 18 = 9. The numerical sequence 6-6-6 denotes that a crisis event can be reached to happen, and the negative ratio of the June 3, generating a turning point, so it is a day to consider. Especially at 10am in the meridian of Greenwich, are 5 planets in the Midheaven or 10th house, Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Mercury, with several aspects from other planets, it is likely that the issue will be both the world economy and personal, the professional's ability to achieve and resolve the current situation, the social and cultural is also the basis of the day. The power or powerful they may not be on the bench or be questioned or otherwise, as being so far has been the reaction of the people or society at large calling for social inclusion, spiritual, labor, etc., to be able live a decent life and a balanced society. Saturn is in the North Node and the South Node Moon, so it's a karmic point or change the actions of the past, may be starting a major shift in international politics and in particular one or a few countries, of their rulers, the possibility of the fall of some old and outdated system, or kings or dictators, who has to give his acting for a new suit new needs of society or power in the world. It may be the case that a weather event or occurrence of the earth generates changes in governments, whether heavy rains, high tides or tsunamis, earthquakes, high winds, etc.. Hopefully the situation is not generated by the same unconsciousness of the rulers of this world.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

By birth charts to

                                         WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, NOT LIVE

                                       WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING, NOT EXIST

                                                   WITHOUT LOVE, I AM

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