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13 de Septiembre, 2013    General

Are we holograms ? What actually live ?

Our Holographic Universe

Since the beginning of human history there has been a

fascination over our existence. We sought answers to

through religion , metaphysics and philosophy, and we have

based on faith and a higher power to explain our

consciousness. These issues continue today through the

science, and in recent decades we have come to understand more about

the world and our place in it . In our daily life we

realize that we actually live in a hologram and our

existence is a holographic projection , nothing more. All that

we think is real, our physical world is an illusion of a

holographic universe , one of the most important theories of the 20th century .

The great discovery of the twentieth century , the holographic universe

In 1982 conducted a remarkable experiment by a computer

Research led by physicist Alain Aspect at the Institute

of Theoretical and Applied Optics in Paris . The experiment showed that

the group of subatomic particles that make up our universe

physical , the " fabric of reality itself " , has what appears

property to be an undeniable " holographic " . Holographic theory

world includes not only reality as we know it , but also

unexplained phenomena . It is able to explain the phenomena

paranormal -body experiences , telepathy , dreams

lucid and more. In recent years the holographic model has

received scientific and experimental support .

The experimental finding Aspect, is a cornerstone of the

evidence that the universe is a hologram and that life as we

know it is not real. His research is considered by many as

one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century . Aspect, along

with colleagues Jean Dalibard and Gerard Roger discovered that under

certain conditions , subatomic particles like electrons

are able to communicate instantly with each other

regardless of the distance that separates them. No matter if you are 3

feet or 10 billion miles. Somehow each

particle always seems to know what the other is doing. their

theories challenge the mind educated at all levels , whether in the

school, university or other higher education using

textbooks as absolute truth , but instead

form their own opinions and theories.

Science explains

According to the scientific community the main problem of this finding

is that it violates Einstein's belief , that nothing can travel

faster than the speed of light. Scientists maintain that

travel faster than the speed of light is equivalent to break

the time barrier , this view being that some

not share physical theory Aspect. However, it has inspired

others to offer new explanations , all based on the

assumption that the objective reality does not exist, despite their

apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm , a hologram

gigantic and beautifully detailed .

Karl H. Pribram , Doctor of Medicine from the University of Chicago

specializes in Neurosurgery and Behavioral Medicine , supported the

belief that the objective world does not exist , at least not in the way

as we know it and as we see it .

"In the world we live only waves and frequencies that our

brain and turns them into images that make up our world .

Our brain is responsible for creating things as we

want to see " , said Dr. Pribram .

Pribram claims that the brain is able to construct objects ,

even concluded that they also " construct space and

the time. "

The 11 keys to understanding the holographic universe

The concept of a holographic universe is nothing new . the Sufis

XII century concluded that " the macrocosm is the

microcosm " . The Egyptian Prophet Hermes Trismegistus said that the

universal understanding is the key " without him is like the heart of the

things , the small is like the large " . Medieval alchemists

had another slogan : "As above , so below." Over the

years have established a key to understanding reality

we live :

1. We realize we have the power to change our lives

to alter our beliefs.

Two . We have the power to heal the internal parts of our body

Through the study of the external parts . What 's out there is

also within each of us , to the cellular level .

Three . Being approached in a holistic manner .

April . We are willing to let go of our conditioned thinking and

ideas for us to realize that reality can be a


May . We have the ability to change reality through observing and

participate in the process.

June . Not seeing psychic phenomena like something out of the ordinary or

amazing . Just because something is not tested in a laboratory , not

fact remains .

July . Since we are really holograms , we are able to

experience all psychic phenomena such as vision

remote telepathy or quantum leap.

August . By moving to a higher consciousness, we made our way to the

information, such as UFOs , aliens and other forms of

existence .

9. We live in a world that is connected , not fragmented.

10 . We have awakened to the idea of a universe that consists of

frequency , rather than something that is made of a material way.

11. In essence , we are on a path of enlightenment, which allows us to

realize our basic nature and that leads us to our


The great " Matrix"

At some point in our lives we wondered : who is this

person within us ? Who is the one

pre - programming the command "I think, therefore I am" ? theories

explain that we are the true creators of our reality , the

reality we create in our minds and our true existence

should be as souls or as part of a computer program beyond

of our intellectual capacity and understanding. our bodies

physicists are real and if this theory is true , we are the masters of

our own universe.

Mario Morales sharing ( Mendoza , Argentina )

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