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17 de Febrero, 2015    General

Aquarius New Moon 18/02/2015

This New Moon in Aquarius occurs in the 6th house, conjunct Neptune, so early or changes are produced by the analysis, perfect for viewing the details, the use intuition or persepción, reasoning, to see details with an intuitive persepción. Venus and Mars are in the 7th house, here meets the love or sexual passion, so many couples these days occur is because there is always this astrological influence board with sexual love, makes generate much magnetism between people, or a great need to have a partner or love passionately, without limits, and being in the 7th house and magnetism the need is much greater. It also generates an attitude of cretividad in art, music, painting, architecture, construction, with an aggressive and fearless attitude, with passion. The Lunar Node South is in conujunción Uranus, also in the 7th house, so you tend to have or find a asosiada to previous life or a couple who had in the past couple that could change many things in current life. Changes can be harsh or drastic, especially in the social and family area. The goals can be achieved together with a partner or started new projects with a combined affinity. Saturn makes him a negative aspect to the Sun, Moon and Neptune, so the psychological part is the most vulnerable, causing them to shop to melancholy, depression, or feel restrained or lack of encouragement, with deep disappointment, or that things are not going anywhere, sense of defeat. It could also mean problems in the family. In these days there may also be strong winds, heavy rains, large mobilizations of water, etc. The biggest problems can receive ships or boats.
For different signs:
Aries changes and tensions continue, couple situations are the most important or are in the spotlight, good projects between the two, expanción goals or objectives.
Taurus does not have the pressure tubieron Saturn in opposition, but the changes or reforms continue, there is much health care.
Gemminis good time for those in the studies, enseñamza, sports, traveling, religious, those in the spiritual area, perhaps achievements in the profession or business. Achievements for travel.
Cancer these days can be more positive when things begin to function better, goals become clearer or concrete, achievements in the profession, or employment or professional ascension.
Leo goals can be expanded, has the sense of security and that anything is possible, good relationships. Good time for creativity.
Virgo should beware of misleading relations and the envious. on the one hand want to be alone or follow their instincts personally, but have the strength and clarity to move forward. Meet Me in St. Louis accompanies them.
Libra projects may be unusual or not in the direction that the environment does or wants, you can start new things, social achievements, perhaps passionate moments, some intense couple, but may not go far the relationship.
Scorpio good when it comes to money, important achievements, good time in relation to love and the couple. Very required on your goals.
Sagittarius perhaps legal problems or roles to resolve conflicting family situations. The mood may be low, or depressed, or strong disappointments.
Capricorn life situations still do not go by the direction they want, are highly demanded, perhaps good emotional and sexual relationships, very passionate contacts. Family situations to resolve old conflicts.
Aquarius good time for creativity, good time in the mental area, good time for students and artists, perhaps some new work proposal.
Pisces are no strangers to the changes, the mood may be low, even depressed, or confused, but has a good chance of a passionate love that can change their lives, much social and cultural contact, good time for musicians, artists, painters , actors, etc.
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer
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