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09 de Febrero, 2013    General

Aquarius New Moon 02/10/2013

This New Moon occurs on the up, in conjunction with the wheel of fortune, so it's special to tackle all kinds of projects and actions, independent, or do actions on an individual or independent. It is good time for those in the area humanistic or humanitarian relations. While it is squaring the lunar nodes, the feeling will be mobilized everything you want. The triple conjunction of Mars-Neptune-Mercury will make a profound change in human consciousness, for many only be a few days, for others a chance to make the change you have been waiting and reach those spiritual and paranormal experiences that both want, are now almost unique in the spiritual endeavor, and in touch with your higher self and inner top. For others it may mean experiencing all kinds of drugs and alcohol, to get away as much as possible of the inner consciousness, these experiences may lead many to total unconsciousness, coma, death, or serious problems of all kinds. trends continue the great mobilizations of water, floods, tidal waves, intermittent rain, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc..
For different signs:
Aries general tensions continue, but the positive aspect of Venus alleviates the situation somewhat, with many social, labor, and possibilities of good relationships.
Taurus are good situations in the area of ​​money, feeling of overall stability, the situations of the past may be weighing or annoying, especially in the relationship with the brothers.
Gemini needs to be more at home and resolve situations in the home or the family past.
Cancer children are the major concerns and financial situations, possible new job or family situation.
Leo work and social situation are pressed, but possibilities are relationships associated with work. Many social activity.
Virgo is as much in expectation of social situations, such as labor, are likely to be situations of couples that are somewhat unusual.
Libra good social relations, and possible affair, with major changes in the workplace or personal.
Scorpio its major projects are in the area of ​​spirituality, travel, sports, and study.
Sagittarius very good chance of working or business achievements, good time to project their ideas.
Capricorn very good projects and inner strength, a lot can change radically, both materially and spiritually.
Aquarius social relations are giving much strength to act, but prefers romantic relationships intimacy. You need to prove to his people.
Pisces is with all the strength and energy to act and solve their most intimate, sexual and social mesmerizing. Do not be misled by bad relationships or unscrupulous people, because they can sink their life.
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