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11 de Febrero, 2013    General

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner letter Natal 2013

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner letter Natal 2013
Annual Map R.S. 02/19/2013

This year the sun is in the 3rd house, conjunct Neptune and Chiron, in bad aspect with Jupiter. The legal, commercial contracts, and new laws are the ones that are going to
emphasize in this astrological year for Cristina Fernandez k. Situations also your home or your family will have a look that will take good care, as well as your health. As far Neptune has been giving unusual strength, security, intuition, and magnetism, which have led to feel that nothing can touch, is now very deep mental clarity, but the negative aspects of Jupiter are producing a strong insecurity contradictory to all his untouchability, it is likely that at times have outbursts of phobias or stress, depression, melancholy, blood pressure problems, liver problems, venous, viral, etc.. From the government perspective, may indicate serious legal conflicts laws or structures or the people or institutions are not willing. Mars and Mercury are in bad aspect to the Moon, so it is expected to have much controversy with society proposals for social or government that wants to impose, the most troubled times with map are annual, February and March 2013, May and June 2013. These times will also correspond to their physical problems or illness. Leo is in the 9th house, the travel or abroad, so international politics will continue to grow this year, and taking greater action and enforcement power. In July of this year 2013, the most critical situation in family, social, and health. The wheel of fortune is in the 10th house or Midheaven, the house of success, politics, or the profession, so it's a big year for her lucky in this sense. The positive aspects Saturn receives one hand, from Pluto, Mars, and Mercury, will give extraordinary strength endurance, strength, political power, and ability to follow structured or assembling new political, national and international, will feel with all power. The inharmonious of the Moon and Uranus to Saturn, will give you the feeling that you can not get a handle on the social, or the reaction of the people of Argentina, which can have huge mass mobilizations of people against their government action, as well as the institutions that defend the people. It may also be the case of treason or serious disputes some people close to her who must leave office, or people who will not support their management. It is likely that neighboring countries will take out or not give their full support in international politics. You may be trying to target higher connection management or international relations or mechanisms or institutions, and there will not be giving full force to governance in Argentina. The problems with their children are in place, whether personal, and health.
Planetary Transits 2013 - 2014
Mars starts from the 10th house in Pisces, so the astrological year begins with much strength, determination, very optimistic, mental strength, etc..
Also likely to see increased economic heritage.
Mars enters the house 11 on 02/25/2013, so their goals or maintain their traditional strength, and tenacity of conviction, then accompany Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus, and entering Aries and will together Taurus. In transit through Aries although his strength, determination and conviction will be higher and strongly combative, passion, and intelligence will have a very big crisis, whether in opposition social, emotional or passionate for some personal situation, are also likely to do or have to go through a separation with any country, or serious conflict. It may also be the case that if the world has any serious situation by armed conflict, or inclement weather or earthquakes, would have to make a change in your current situation. It also might have serious social incidents, and even armed conflict, within and outside the country. It may be the case you have problems with the armed forces and police of Argentina. Anyway this time will be critical in some way, can also adversely affected their health, with lung problems, blood pressure, breasts, skin, headaches, etc.. Here you can see very committed stay in the post of president. You may have some kind of attack or accident.
Mars enters the house 12 on 05/04/2013 but continues in Aries, here its fighting force, conviction and execution strength will be diminished, dissipated, will somehow diffuse or unclear action, or may not fully resolve the situation.
Mars enters your ascending the 05/05/2013 here takes all his strength and positivism, and social connection, here have restarted social acceptance, and begins to regain its right direction with regard to the national economy and international contact, begins to enter personal balance. Also this time has a tinge of social controversies, or strong opposition. Maybe problems with his family. In this area tends to expand all, both personally and leading to direct, physical tendency may be to headaches, liver inflammation, and pancreatic. You can also suffer from tachycardia.
Mars enters the house 2 the force 06.15.2013 here is placed on producing a maximum of economic resources, is likely to have ideas that are of much success in job growth and trade, and there is significant growth income in the country. Especially when put together in conjunction Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, resources income of money may be at its best, but also in conjunction with the black moon, so you might expect some treachery, deceit or fraud, whether commit it to her or she does, or that the situation in the world is in crisis and it truly exploit this situation, a situation also in the world or in Argentina's can lead to having a social or economic crisis, to Despite the opportunities that may be presented, which may be endangering his tenure as president, the trend may be toward waives August 4, 2013.
Mars enters the house 3 on 02/08/2013 just when is at its maximum of crisis or problems, the situation at this time could be chaotic in every way.
Mars enters the house 4 on 25/09/2013, here the situation is much more peaceful, and taking much more control over your life and the political and social environment, their power begins to stress, and may have some solutions to serious problems that may be happening. It also may have to deal with situations with children, grandchildren or perhaps problems for them, whether by illness or serious problems. These situations will shape strongly.
Mars enters the house 5 11/19/2013, here the economic and political will for improvement, and enters more control of the situation, with greater social and political support. You probably have a new partnership with a major country, or a politician or political powers.
Mars enters the house 6 on 01/16/2014, here Mars in the house of work can be increased by greater contact or improvement to trade abroad, which will be at its best. From the point of view of health, will be in a time of relapse, depression, problems with pressure, circulatory sitema, liver problems, respiratory allergies, etc..
Jupiter enters your home 2 on 24/03/2013, may mean that during transit in Gemini economic resources will be increased, and its action in politics, both in national and in the international, will increase or expand .
Jupiter enters Cancer on 25/06/2013, at home 2, this can produce a double effect, first social and economic improvement, and other social and economic crisis on a large scale, as well as a personal crisis , family and others, and associated disease problems. Liver problems, circulatory, respiratory problems, blood pressure problems, etc. His most critical point will be the 05/09/2013, when on his natal Uranus. Also the political situation in the world may be affecting our country. Jupiter will be there until your next birthday. One of the things that can generate a mass uprising of the whole people.
Saturn will be there all this year at his home in July and will be for many years, this transit will give as much strength and political stability, with the support of Neptune will feel that nothing can destroy or that nothing can fall, is likely to have political and economic support of major powers in the world, or countries or important political as well as many people in Argentina will give unconditional support. The 09/25/2013 is conjunct the North Lunar Node on the 7th house, so it will open new political possibilities, internal, with greater support from many people, and a greater political or international connections, country of great weight will ally or give more support to political exchange. Probably she is aiming to connect with political ties outside the political management in Argentina. Your greatest enemy is your own health and your family situation. His biggest or best political moment would personally from 06.11.2013, when in conjunction the Sun and Saturn on the 7th house.
Uranus will remain in the 11th house this year, in Aries. Is transiting over his natal Mars and natal Venus, so their individualism and independence is increased at this time, but his whims or combative attitude also qui'zas whims are heightened by this position. It is likely that these issues will lead to an attitude increasingly separatist or individualistic to that end, to divorce those who follow her, and wants to follow his path alone, higher aspirations, with an extreme irrational attitude of wanting to impose ideas or whims at any cost, without regard to others in any form, or include in their criteria anyone. The most critical time of crisis or deep, but you see your greatest fighting force or conviction is late March, early April, which accompany this transit the Sun, Venus, and Mars. Venus transit can give an effect of greater docility or humanitarian attitude, which want to engage in some form of humanitarian action, to compensate for their thoughtless attitude. However, it may also be dealing with a conflict between countries, or be affected by international conflicts. From the point of view or mundane, it can mean a new love or relationship, you can mark your life, a before and an after.
Neptune will be at home 10 years, and is now on his natal Sun conjunction, this means your intuition, perception, and acquisition environment makes deep, and gives clarity and extra luck, and a bonus of magnetism and sensuality that help a lot in the world of relationships. Neptune on the Midheaven, means prestige and social elevation, creates an aura of power that others do not feel rejected. Nevertheless this aspect can give as strong sensitivity toward others who feel you have to help others above all, despite their whims, will always try to help the needy, because his conscience will press an extreme point. Having Neptune conjunct the natal Sun can make you feel too exposed and can not hide their problems or feelings, and feel it causes a great psychological strain, stress, or strength to speak. On the other hand every time makes her feel more alone in their actions.
Pluto will be up this year on the 9th house Capricorn, so its international political power will grow at a greater scale each time and will be taking a wide experience and strength in this regard, which travel through many, will grow in greater management and deep international.
On the North and South Lunar Nodes, is quite complex, and very interesting what this particular year will be happening. Currently the North Node is transiting the 7th house, that of the social and the couple or the expression of love, in the previous year I had said that she would have a greater social acceptance and support of the people and so, to August 17 will be there, and enter in the 6th house of it, so that popular support is in effect at this time and will fade through the day, but her work action may not yield, but have you really work much stronger and deeper as before. The Sun will conjunct the South Node in transit on 07.05.2013, on the up, this can open things situations that in the past could not resolve, and are presented in their daily actions, as well as her skills believed he could not have or do, are potential, she will discover things about herself and her personality did not know were possible. It is likely that family situations of the past come to light and have to deal with it, and with serious family problems and family heritage.
This year is given an interesting event is that Lunar Node in transit is 90 degrees from its natal Lunar Node, on 08/18/2013, for me this marks a change in his personal life profundícimo, profecional, and political will be as I have said in other astrological openings as a before and after, both socially and in turn SKYTOP loving staff. may mean you want to lead a more private life, but on the other hand want a greater social and presigio.
RICARDO ZANI astrologer
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