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07 de Febrero, 2015    General

Aquarius Full Moon 03/02/2015

This Aquarius Full Moon occurs between the house 7 and up.
This may indicate that the social, and the expression of personality are the most important factors of these days, I read on the Ascendant indicates expression of self through the heart, and act with pride, but with much individuality and independence. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, and the expression of objectives can be large scale, or with a good chance of success and expanción what may be proposed or doing are moments when everything can operate and function in positive way. The Moon conjunctions - Jupiter usually produce pregnancies, so you have to consider this. While the Wheel of Fortune is conjunct the Sun, this can reinforce the good times that can occur for many people. Besides the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are in good aspects to the Lunar Nodes, so the projects or goals that are generated, or recover, tend to success and expanción. The biggest negative factor may be in the area of family and personal past, may have depressed or lonely moments, or somehow can make it difficult to expression of feelings, maybe old memories or things that have not been displayed you resolved.
For different signs:
Aries despite all the swirl of situations they are living, can be very positive day for driving and achieving things that have been braking, good social relations, couple, pregnancy, profound changes in all respects.
Taurus has perhaps lobros opportunities professionally and socially, but with a mishap. Good time on the area of art, music, painting, etc
Gemminis these days can be very good in every way, can achieve important objectives, but highly demanded in every way. Good time on the area of the couple, perhaps new relationships and secondly disappointments or dropouts.
Cancer remain unsupported, or alone, perhaps this leads to rethink on their lives, may have romantic situations, reserved or perhaps secretly. They struggle to find the right direction.
Leo Very good time to start things, or to make things he has been doing to expand, it is good time opportunity, to have a great stroke of luck, Beware pregnancies good time on the couple, and to formalize a relationship . Social expanción.
Virgo eye with deception or betrayal, it is good time for LOBRO money and achievements at the material level, in order to save. Some moments of loneliness or feeling of frustration, or the most important things are complicated.
Libra despite being highly demanded, good time to find a good partner, or enter into with you have. Good time lobros level of money or material things, social success.
Scorpio is like a neutral point in all situations, but reaching them or indirectly complicated, especially in the home or family.
Sagittarius is likely they become a bit difficult situations, or the senzación to be braked, trends melancholy, depression, lack of motivation, or not wanting to follow the direction in which you are, some disappointments lurk. Good time to play sports and be a little more with the family.
Capricorn may be doing renovations in the workplace, or tend to resolve, perhaps some intense affair, but with some kind of obstacle or problem physical problems.
Aquarius good time in the social, cultural, personal projects, good time in the couple, good relationships, the wheel of fortune acompaña.Logros materials, and money.
Pisces are as running high, and very magnetic to sexual and emotional level, good social opportunities, achievements in art, music, painting. Some strong disappointments, or strong opposition to what they are doing. You have to watch a lot of health.
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer
By birth charts to

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