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02 de Enero, 2012    General

alkaline water, more life and health

Add the water a pinch of baking soda and half a lemon

How to cure "incurable" diseases in a real and permanent?

It is a scientific claim recognized by the international community of Medicine, clinically tested, and made by the largest global water research:

The affirmation of the DR. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj that most degenerative diseases are caused especially by dehydration of the organism to the chronic lack of water.

The water is not replaced by juices or other liquids

For the many chemical reactions taking place in our body are possible need enough water intake each day.

Failure to do so not only prevents the proper functioning of the body but can cause many diseases.

The juices are insufficient because the water there is already saturated with elements, and are highly damaging referescos.

Water is required. ¿Wash your car with juice? same thing happens when you need to rid the body of toxic acid waste ... only water, also free of toxic acidic wastes is what you eat.

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj The doctor explains in his book "Your body demands water bawling."

Chronic dehydration is the body's main stress and unknown responsible for the death of millions.

It is also responsible for most deaths from disease, well above any other condition.

But the arrogant countries' health systems, supposedly advanced, not as important and continue to treat patients with chemicals instead of plain water without chlorine, until finally achieve real problems appear. (Obviously more profitable to sell drugs than water).

Batmanghelidj explains that when a human being can appear dehydrated allergies, asthma and chronic pain in different parts of the body from pain rheumatoid arthritis dyspeptic up through that of angina, lower back, legs, migraines, colitis.

And although such pain is felt in localized areas are really telling us is dehydration of the organism.

Knowing this is important, especially among physicians.

For if such symptoms are not recognized as urgent warnings that the body needs water ... can then reach a chronic dehydration can cause many long term and irreversible damage.

And the bad thing is that this pain is rarely interpreted as a sign that the water level is low the body needs a minimum.

Doctors know, because tests so indicate, that in the body there is excess histamine ... but what they do is usually prescribe antihistamines or histamine blockers which act in addition to not cause above the cause negative side effects.

When would suffice to tell the patient to drink enough water every day and alkaline naturally lower level of histamine.

Moreover, the reader should know that antihistamines block the brain capillary dilation precisely when the dehydration-in-situation must compute information much more normal, as in a stressful situation.

In addition, when using antihistamines the brain receives less blood supply and thus nutrients.

And in this state many functions of the brain cells begin to deteriorate.

Among them, the transport system of neurotransmitters to nerve terminals.

Lack of water (acid free) IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF BRAIN DISEASE.

The fact is that as chronic dehydration Batmanghelidj brain cells together with the lack of sodium and an essential amino acid - (tryptophan) - are the leading cause of brain diseases:

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, cerebellar ataxia, depression ...

In the brain it is essential therefore a good level of hydration free drinking alkaline water acidic elements, but contains alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium as in the interior of the cells are absolutely essential to both generation of hydroelectric energy which is fed as the proper functioning of the mechanisms of neurotransmission.


The pancreas needs a lot of water containing alkaline minerals.

And when the body is dehydrated it is not possible with the digestive process can not be performed efficiently.

In other words, when the body is dehydrated, when you have water shortages, there is no guarantee that the gastric juice is neutralized properly.

And there begins dispépsico pain.

Obviously, as the stomach can not permanently retain its contents, the body has only one way to empty: the mouth.

And induce vomiting.

An action that brings another problem that causes irritation in the esophagus over the acidic foods to go from the stomach into the mouth: what we call "burning of the esophagus."

Lack of water also causes other diseases: The case of colitis, or inflammation of the colon, and constipation that often is associated.

Both conditions should be considered "clear signs of dehydration of the body."

While it is true that the lack of fiber food can cause both problems is more important is the lack of water because without it there is no lubricant and excrement can not be removed (or do so with great difficulty).

A situation that is exacerbated when, meal after meal, we still do not drink enough water and accumulate in the large intestine hardened feces, what is called constipation.

Process that eventually ends up causing pain and inflammation in the colon, sometimes with infection-and that is what is known as colitis.

There is no doubt that both constipation and colitis are avoided by drinking enough alkaline water every day.

Bulimia may be caused by chronic dehydration of the body: Many bulimics who feel an uncontrollable urge to vomit and instantly after eating, do so because your body not having enough water to alkaline environment of the stomach before moving to intestine are forced to do so.

Most people, especially the obese, unconsciously confuse "need to eat" with the "need to drink."

If properly hydrated by drinking enough water every day, the false sense of hunger ", which is not thirsty, but disappear.


Conventionally arthritis is a disease caused by the pathological changes of the cartilage - tissue-forming joints, causing pain and swelling in joints, over time, can be damaged causing severe osteoarthritis, ie deformations of bones.

Medicine divides them into different "types" but the two most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type and usually occurs with age, after 45 years, especially affecting fingers, knees and hips.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, however, is attributed to a malfunction of the immune system and most often affects the hands and feet.

It is also thought that can lead to gout, lupus, and viral hepatitis.

The most serious, in any case, it is actually officially known cause-only musings and no one medication to cure, and the future of those with the "disease" is to suffer for life constantly consuming anti-inflammatory, analgesic and other hazardous palliative fatten the accounts of the pharmaceutical industry and end up killing the person.

To Batmanghelidj, however, the millions of people worldwide who suffer from some form of arthritis should know that the problem is usually caused by chronic dehydration also.

According to him, the pains in the joints should in fact considered as mere indicators of lack of water on the surface of the cartilage of the affected joint.

That is, the arthritis pain would just be another sign of dehydration and acidity in the body.

The cartilage surface of the bones should contain plenty of water to lubricate the joints and allow the two opposing surfaces glide freely with each other during movement.

Allowing well hydrated cartilage damage due to friction is minimal. '

Therefore, when there is not enough water and the joints are not well hydrated, obviously the lubrication is not adequate ... surfaces rub together and causing the acidity acts called arthritic pain.

Consequently it should suffice to increase the regular intake of alkaline water to produce a greater amount of blood circulating in the prehydrated area full combat acidity cartilage ..

If this water is alkalized the results will be slow because, apart from not contain acids, effectively cleanses the body of toxic elements causing acid confident arthritis.

THE TERRIBLE osteoarthritis

Dehydration and acid waste in the joint surfaces can cause serious damage to the point of stripping the bone surfaces and leave them uncovered, the damaged tissue then activates a mechanism to repair and remodel the joint.

And it does so by secreting hormones into the joint capsule to remodel and restructure the surfaces. Unfortunately, this is a repair process that often times cause deformation of the joints, ie osteoarthritis.

In addition, to prevent arthritis what should be done is to take seriously the first initial pain, then begin to ingest enough water daily free of acids and make joint therapy to stimulate the circulation of the area to regain mobility.

If the pain does not disappear within a few days would get excellent results by combining the alkaline water sections and magnetic hyperthermia therapy.


These actions also apply to the spinal joints.

With the difference that where the water not only lubricates the contact surfaces but is stored in the heart of the intervertebral discs in order to withstand the pressure of the weight of the upper body.

When there is dehydration intervertebral discs and joints of the spine are among the first organs affected. And his assessment seems right indicates that the involvement of the 5 th lumbar disc, whose function is so important to stand tall usually occurs in 95% of cases of spinal problems.

Obviously, when it is in poor condition occur as a result various muscle problems, including back pain, lumbago, or, familiarly known as "kidney pain" but in reality they do not cause disturbances but the different structures that are the spine, ligaments, muscles, spinal discs and vertebrae.

In short, to avoid back pain Batmanghelidj advises drinking enough water, and alkaline water is best for its great moisturizing power. Then make a series of exercises to create an intermittent vacuum that draws water into the disc space. Thus ensuring that any back pain was relieved in half an hour.


Migraine is also often due to dehydration or lack of drinking 8 glasses of water acid-free. (Filters do not filter the acid and stop the poisonous chlorine)

Migraine is a critical indicator of regulation of body temperature.

That is, a condition that reveals a kind of "heat stress".

Something that is avoided with the simple regular intake of soft water.

And in this case, cold alkaline water to lower body temperature and brain from the inside and promote closing the peripheral vascular system whose expansion is the underlying cause of migraine.


It is commonly accepted that depression is associated with social stress, ie, fear, anxiety, insecurity, marital problems and persistent work ... To Batmanghelidj, however, depression, sorrow, decay, and so on. are the result of a lack of water in brain tissue.

Assertion is supported by explaining that the brain uses electrical energy to operate and it is generated inside the body ... precisely thanks to the circulation of water.

Therefore, the level of dehydration power generation especially in the brain decreases, so many brain functions that depend on that kind of energy become ineffective.

And the "incompetence" function is what we call "depression".

Adding that the depression caused by dehydration is also what often leads to so-called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a condition that would only be a label placed on a series of advanced physiological problems are associated with stress and, therefore, the chronic dehydration.

Claim that rests on the fact that in all cases he has tried, after a period correcting dehydration and metabolic complications, chronic fatigue syndrome improved dramatically.


When the body is dehydrated starts about physiological processes similar to those activated when a stress response.

So dehydration causes stress and stress causes further dehydration because water depletes the body.

That is, when the body lives a stress-or dehydration-assumes a situation of crisis and begins to mobilize a response to this situation. Among other things, activating the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. Drinking water problems in life are not fixed but the person gets enough mental strength to overcome them calmly without stress.

Chronic dehydration is a primary factor


You can not overlook the relationship between stress, chronic dehydration subject to age, persistent prolactin secretion and transformation into cancer of the breast glandular tissue.

Hence, to ensure that the daily intake of alkaline water is a preventive measure for breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.


Explain that the cell membrane is composed of two layers that are held together by the adhesive property of water where they float between them enzymes which react together, cause the desired action within the cell.

So when there is enough water between the two layers of the cell membrane own biochemical reactions can develop normally, but if the flow is insufficient cellular functions are negatively affected.

And to prevent dangerous possibility that nature is endowed with a wonderful mechanism: the creation of water filters through the membrane.

When dehydration is acute and urgent need for water is greater blood flow to the nerves throughout the body releases histamine in the cells lining causing inflammation and damaging the area.

These swellings are the external manifestations of the local process that have been tagged with the name of various diseases, including MS.

So all these "diseases" are prevented and treated in a very simple fact: drinking enough alkaline water, because it has a higher power hydration that any water that may be consumed, and more of the the body needs minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium salts also lacks, chlorine and other harmful acids for health.

Packaged fruit juices, even though advertised without condoms ... do have or do not be damaged-can never replace the water and deplete the body of its full capacity for hydration.


The activity called renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-one subordinate to the activation mechanism of histamine in the brain, is essential in the volume control and activating blood pressure to conserve water when you need it or when there is lack of sodium in cells.

Indeed, until the water content and sodium from the body does not reach an adequate level system works by constricting the capillary layer and the vascular system.

Narrowing whose level can be measured and known as hypertension.

The problem is to work under proper conditions the kidneys need enough water.

And it is true that given its lack can concentrate urine but no less true that this capacity should not be used to limit the pain of kidney damage.

In addition, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is most active when the kidneys are damaged and insufficient urine production

It is this fact that can cause kidney disease.

Kidney problems, therefore, can also result from chronic dehydration and a lack of sodium. The latter is concentrated in the water for a device without consuming alkalizing much salt.

In short, high blood pressure is also the result of a process of adaptation to the lack of water in the body. When we do not drink enough water to meet all the needs of the few cells become dehydrated.

In such cases the blood vessels have no choice but to reduce their ability to respond to decreased blood volume, causing reduction of blood pressure increase is known as hypertension.

It is a scientific claim recognized by the international community of Medicine, clinically tested, and made by the largest global water research

Batmanghelidj explained later that when we drink less water needed daily closing some vascular layers is the only alternative that has the body to keep the rest of the blood vessels filled.

The question is how long it can continue.

And the answer is "long enough to sicken and die."

Therefore, the treatment of essential hypertension should also consist simply of increasing the daily intake of alkaline water, because it contains more alkaline minerals and is free of chlorine, acids, salts and minerals that we create more acidity.

Hence, it has been considered as a "scientific absurdity." the fact that cardiologists give diuretics to hypertensive while your body fights desperately to retain as much water as possible.

The official medicine assumes that the cause of hypertension is sodium retention in the body when, in fact, keep the sodium in the body is only a last resort the body to retain some amount of water permitted to continue living and functioning properly.

Assuming that sodium is the cause of hypertension is a poor understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of water in the body.

When diuretics are given to overcome the sodium dehydrates the body even more.

What we get is that the body is more focused on the absorption of salt and water, although the effect of diuretics and until we give water, never achieved sufficient quantity to correct the problem.

That is the reason why, after a while, diuretics are not sufficient and requires the patient to take complementary medicines increasingly aggressive ranging ending his life.

Water is, by itself, the best natural diuretic.

If people who have hypertension and produce adequate urine output to increase their daily intake of alkaline water does not need to take diuretics.


To Batmanghelidj, the explanation of the so-called excess cholesterol or cholesterol in the body also differs much from the conventional one.

Having too much cholesterol in the blood is simply a defense mechanism of cell membranes against osmotic force of the blood in order to conserve water, or a sign that the concentrated blood can not release enough water to penetrate the cell membrane and maintain normal cell functions.

That is, the excessive production and deposition of cholesterol in the cell membrane is only part of the natural lens to protect living cells from dehydration because it is a kind of "clay" natural cell wall makes preventing passage of water.

He explains that in living cells with cholesterol core is the agent that regulates the water permeability of the cell membrane. And when you do not have a nucleus the composition of fatty acids used in the preparation of the cell membrane gives you the power to survive dehydration.

The production of cholesterol in the cell membrane is thus a part of the survival of the cell.

It is therefore absolutely necessary substance and its excess is all that indicates that there is dehydration.

The cell membrane integrity depends on the amount of water available to it.

In a well-hydrated membrane water is the adhesive, in a dehydrated is cholesterol which is responsible for hitting the "blocks" and prevent loss of water inside the cell.

Therefore, if we bring the body need acid-free water before eating to prevent the formation of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Thus, there is excess cholesterol but the result of the lack of water in the body.

Of course, when an increase in water intake lowers cholesterol levels but then they increase again make sure that the body is not deficient in sodium.


Overweight is also related to water.

Something he justifies by explaining, first, that the sensations of thirst and hunger are when the body's energy level is low.

In such cases, the body mobilizes energy stored in the fat you need to implement mechanisms of hormone secretion.

As this process takes longer than that sometimes you might expect, the front of the brain is responsible for immediate energy from blood sugar or "hydro".

Note that the brain expends a tremendous amount of energy and therefore receives approximately 20% of all bloodstream.

That is, to meet their energy needs the brain uses two mechanisms:

The sugar in the blood, obtained with the metabolism of food, and water supply and hydroelectric power conversion.

The problem is that human beings can not distinguish between the need of thirst and the need for food and when these signals reach ... tend to eat.

Dry mouth is but the latest warning, the alarm signal when dehydration is a fact almost as dangerous.

And by feeding too much for not understanding that the body does not ask us food and water, one gains weight.

Do not expect the body to have to remind ... buy alkaline water culture and stabilize your weight.


Asthma and allergies are also indications that the body has resorted to an increase in the production of histamine in the absence of water.

It is found that in asthmatics there is an increase of histamine content in lung tissue and that it is this substance that regulates bronchial muscle contraction.

After all, the lungs are one of the bodies with greater water loss through evaporation that causes breathing.

Histamine then occurs to prevent bronchial constriction.

It is therefore a natural and simple maneuver to preserve water.

Obviously, when the state of dehydration is important to release an exaggerated amount of histamine.

So drink the right amount of alkaline water daily helps alleviate and prevent both asthma and allergies.

Should be added, in any case, that another important role in asthma is played by the sodium (which is usually eaten with salt or sodium chloride). It happens that when water is scarce, the body begins to retain it.

Moreover, in some people the lack of sodium in the body can produce the same symptoms as in the case of water shortage.

It is therefore appropriate that in severe asthma attacks alkaline drink plenty of water with a pinch of salt, put it under the tongue touches the palate to not irritate it, since this is a natural antihistamine.

While water remains moist air over the tubes and prevents drying when the air enters and leaves the lungs, in the early stages of asthma secretes mucus to protect the tissues of the respiratory tract but sometimes too much and mucus sticks to the walls by preventing the normal passage of air through them.

Fortunately, the soda is a natural breaking of mucus and alkaline water is naturally rich in sodium.

In short, for Batmanghelidj asthma is not a disease but a physiological adaptation of the body to dehydration and salt restriction is not always manifest sufficient attention to water consumption and salt.

So just a pinch of salt on the tongue after drinking water to make the brain believe that a lot of salt has entered the body and relax the bronchioles.


It is said that a person has diabetes when the pancreas does not produce insulin or produces too little-

(It was then called Type I diabetes or insulin-dependent) or when the body's cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced (Type II).

For Type I diabetes Batmanghelidj is probably the end result of a lack of water.

The reason? As we have seen, when the body produces histamine dehydration to regulate the water level ... but parallel to activate a group of substances known as prostaglandins, also involved in a subordinate system rationed water distribution to the cells of the body.

As one type of prostaglandin E, which appears to be also involved in the preparation of bicarbonate solution that counteracts the acidity of the food in the digestive process but is also responsible for naturally inhibit the secretion of insulin by the pancreas.

Ie, prostaglandin E has two distinct roles: first, to distribute water to the pancreas, and other, inhibiting the action of insulin.

And would that cause inhibition of type I diabetes That, therefore, would result from the main cause: chronic dehydration.

As for Type II diabetes, when the pancreatic cells have lost the ability to produce insulin-

is due to chronic dehydration and disruption of the metabolism of amino acids in the body responsible for the destruction of the structure of DNA in beta cells of the pancreas that produce insulin.

In sum, according to a daily intake enough Batmanghelidj, strict and regular water as the hydrating especially acid free alkaline water, and be sure to get the main driver and supervisor for the welfare of the body, tryptophan-derived neurotransmitters and to be able best to regulate all bodily functions.

The lack of water in other pathologies

The truth is that there is little ailments that have nothing to do with the chronic dehydration, with the exception of infectious diseases or injuries, although these would benefit recovery and accelerated maintaining optimal hydration level.


Many who suffer from insomnia can solve their problem drinking before bed a large glass of water and then put a pinch of salt on the tongue -

without touching the palate as it may cause irritation, as stated above, since it induces sleep in just minutes.

The explanation is that with this action alter the percentage of electrical discharge in the brain and this causes sleep.

Some people do not drink water before bed to avoid getting up at midnight, but his blood was thick and nightmares, tension.

When they get are more tired and want to sleep.

It is best to drink alkaline water to have peaceful sleep and morning rise as new.


He also asserts that if you are of those people who sometimes suffers fainting after a shower has to know that is because water reserves of the body are not enough to reach the brain when blood vessels in the skin are opened the heat of the water.

As always recommended to drink a glass of alkaline water before showering.


Even sex would be affected by dehydration.

According to Batmanghelidj, when the body is well hydrated you are all hormonal and physiological requirements for a satisfactory sexual life and libido more than adequate.

He adds that in any case, one or two glasses of water before the relationship can produce a sustained and firmer erection in men and increased lubrication in women.


Dr. George W, Crile, of Cleverand, one of the world's leading surgeons who openly declares:

"All natural misnamed deaths are only the endpoint of a saturated acids in the body."

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