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28 de Septiembre, 2012    General

9/30/2012 Libra Full Moon

The Sun is in Libra in the 2nd house and Moon in Aries in the 8th house. The Moon is conjunct Uranus, and both are in inharmonious with Pluto and the Sun may indicate that this day is this complex, conflicting and varied situations. The greatest expressions will be in the area of ​​social, political and global economy. Large demonstrations continue to occur, in default to the political and economic situation in the world. For this cause can generate violent and repressive situations. It may also be the case that strong earthquakes or volcanic eruptions produce major disaster or mass casualties. As can be generated strong winds and big waves, rain, floods, etc. The positive aspects of Jupiter to the Sun and Mercury, may indicate that large companies get rich, or reach higher goals or projected, it may also be the case that new companies appear or arise to achieve massive projections. It is a time of crisis and mix with new possibilities for achieving large-scale goals, with the ability to create new businesses, new jobs, may indicate that drastic changes occur either spontaneously or by external situations under pressure. We will have to beware of deception, theft, betrayal, fraud, and unscrupulous attitudes, even those who least expect it. Inharmonious aspects between Mars, Venus and Neptune may indicate sexual situations generated by conflicting or disappointments betrayals, or dual relationships or extramarital affairs. Science can be seen hindered or affected, with major mistakes or failed experiments.

For different signs:

Aries is likely to have many pressures on the family, perhaps the situation forces them to create change in your family status, or family status makes them change direction. It is likely that Mars helps force them to act and face everything with determination and bravery. It has a strong sexual magnetism that accompanies them.

Taurus is as natural inertia with action, but it is likely that any spiritual experience makes them rethink life. You may need to put off any potential trip or not materialize.

Gemini I think this is the best of all signs aspected with Jupiter's help, being in the Midheaven, enabling them to achieve goals at other times refuse, so the chance of success in the profession, social achievements of money, labor ascension, expansion in business, etc.

Cancer has the ability to keep your goals in the right direction despite the obstacles or pressures it faces. Still can succeed, and new possibilities can occur.

Leo Venus transit would benefit them a bit, with the expression of feelings and emotional stability, but they are like a little limp or lethargic or disillusioned. Take these days to step back and observe the environment, and then take action.

Virgo nevertheless is optimistic, and very hard to face the days to come. You may be physically and mentally recovering from previous situations.

Libra if you win some money, do not waste or spend it not in vain, try to save, or save all you can. Perhaps this solving any legal situations. You may have to help relatives especially brothers.

Scorpio is affecting Mars passing by, motivate to action, to do much neglected, and is likely to act as hidden in purpose. You may be inclined to commit infidelity, or be exposed to romantic disappointments. I recommend no surgery these days, and have no risk, because they can be fatal.

Sagittarius this as a recluse in his own home, making your home and family are their props, their help and inner strength. Memories can be very strong these days.

Capricorn major situations may be related to the family, and children in particular, should pay attention to their own health and family health. There may be new partner contacts. I recommend no surgery these days, unless it is of the utmost urgency.

Aquarius new job opportunities, and recovery from illness, many changes can come from their own initiative and their own inner strength. Rely more on the divine power that accompanies them.

Pisces wants to have more control over social and marital status, but nevertheless may have some disappointments by deception, or you can understand that your partner can not give him everything he demands. However there may be proposals for cohabitation or marriage.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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