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26 de Noviembre, 2015    General

25.11.2015 Sagittarius Full Moon

This full moon is in apartments 7 the sun and moon in House 1 or Ascending, so social relationships, relationships, expression through the personality are the most important things these days, you can be the end of many relationships, and the start of many relationships, or profound changes in the way of loving or communicate with others, you may have events that change the direction of contact with others. The Sun is in conjunction with Saturn and Mercury, this makes the mind is or is concentrated, com much reality, coldly, very deep, with the ability to see details at other times you can not see or reach, is very good for researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, sociologists, architects, builders, etc. It is likely that the marriage of people of high society arises, or politicians or people of royalty. This combination is accompanied by the wheel of fortune, so the marriages here are formed, they can be very fortunate, and can last a long time, and can battle or overcome difficult situations. Moreover, this combination is inharmonious with Neptune and the Moon too, can be meant a large-scale social crisis, whether political, economic, climatic problems, virus problems, problems in scientific experiments; These problems can cause depression, loneliness, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, psychological problems of all kinds, disappointments, separations, betrayals, problems with the tides, flooding problems, copious rains, etc. Venus and Mars are in Libra, this can cause emotions or passions are intense, sexuality will be fully and feelings also need strong relationships, makes the search is greater than at other times, making the relationships that are somewhat mediocre fail or end, for better or want something that is really intense. Uranus opposition Mars and Venus can cause tendencies to individualism, attitudes accompanied by violence, moodiness, explosive attitudes, wanting to really change what he was supporting long. The Mars square Pluto can indicate armed conflicts of all kinds, explosions, attacks, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, massive deaths, unconscious attitudes endpoint, revenge, betrayal.For different signs:Aries continues as in the eye of the storm, they are heavily laden with energies, and wanted to change everything, impatient, and reactionary, and their goals and strong convictions.Taurus is a passive, alone, may not have wanted to act, to do, or take action, or want exposed to others, are waiting area with more inner strength to make their own convictions.Gemminis are in an emotional peak, a lot of tension, a lot of contact with people, the problem may be with the couple. New goals despite the obstacles. Maybe achievements of money.Cancer in the middle of the whole mess can be achieving important things at the material level, or have money achievements.Leo good time to resolve legal problems, study, short and long trips. Feeling that things are not manageable for now.Virgo despite the crisis intoned, approaching a great time to make and organize new targets, target achievement.Libra much sexual magnetism or loving, very passionate possibility of living situations, but with many tensions and conflicts, eye health, and care of violent situations.Scorpio good work and social time, tensions may be emotional or family.Sagittarius a very important moment of decision, especially in the area of ​​the couple, the relationships gestate here can be very durable and joint struggle.Capricorn must be aware of all health care and all kinds of extreme and violent situations, and being away from harmful or unconscious people.Aquarius good time for students and teachers, good time to travel, and experience new things, the spiritual can give a shelter for difficult situations.Pisces feeling of insecurity or that things are not stable, you can they are doing things in their water, but there may be recognition of his work.For native cards to . RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer
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