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29 de Noviembre, 2015    General

Sun - Saturn in conjunction 11/29/2015

This conjunction Sun - Saturn occurs in the 6th house, and accompanies Mercury. Saturn is here on up action that imposes righteousness, reliability, stability, consistency, we see the reality of life, with complete coldness and cruelty, wherever he goes in the chart makes us live reality to learn errors, shows that the structures based on the illusory imagination, is only delusion, then the Sun adds light to see those dark places which do not want to see or confront. Saturn is usually so crude that at certain times you can experience things that some people do not resist and end up taking life. Mercury gives it the ability to deeply conjunction reason, to observe situations and mentally able to go deeper into the area of the inner psychological, very good in this situation, to resolve things that are very difficult to see at other times. This astrological situation is inharmonious with Neptune, aggravating the situation, can cause depression, insecurity, loneliness, doubts, disappointments, drop structures, is like trying to construct self a sandcastle on the beach with big waves, can cause problems blood pressure, venous problems, circulatory problems, bacteria  or virus, etc. For several years this square Saturn - Neptune will generate these situations especially the proliferation of viruses and bacteria of all kinds, by the tendency to cause infection, or poisoning of all kinds, including depressive states may lead many people to escapism through of drugs or alcohol, that this case will proliferate escapism from reality, but others will make a profound change and enter a path of psychological and spiritual awareness, with extraordinary strength. The fact that Saturn and the Sun is in good aspect to the moon and Mars possibilities to build things or emotional structures or maintain strength despite the conflict that may be all there may be economic stability, and many social contacts, and sexual . The positive aspect of Uranus gives you an extraordinary capacity for scientists and inventors, expanding knowledge and wisdom, and for some it may be the release of old conflicts or situations, and even economic independence, can be a leap into social or political success but in the midst of a huge crisis.
By birth charts to
RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer
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