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18 de Febrero, 2012    General

02/19/2012 Kristina Kirchner Annual Map

02/19/2012 Kristina Kirchner Annual Map
The Sun is almost in the 7th house, conjunct Neptune and Chiron in good aspect to Jupiter and Saturn. The sentimental part, social, cultural and legal, will be the most important aspects of this year, is likely to have to deal with legal problems associated with her husband, and also some emotional situation associated with your husband, it is possible that the weight of that relationship to take her to emphasize her loneliness, and want to compensate for this lack somewhere, either through travel a lot, or try to be in continuous social contact. So he raises social, against the personal. Your popularity will increase or be maintained for this year, but it faces several things, the duality of Neptune on one side will shine and prestige, and hopefully a lot of protection on the other hand increase the need to be alone and take his life away from others, here the solitude of his partner, can lead to feelings or ends, which can bring to decide which way to take. Mercury is in opposition to Mars, so the tension will be constant this year, is likely to start having a greater confrontation with the opposition for their new decisions, and if not a little home, the crisis will increase especially by September 2012. Tend to have longer cycles of stress. There will be moments that will have great clarity, and innovative ideas, especially with foreign trade, and make new agreements with foreign countries. Uranus and Venus are in the 7th house in Aries, in bad aspect to Pluto, and in good aspect to the moon may have a problem or conflict with his political associates, also might have to solve old problems from their partner. Also, some situations may take or have a social scandal or disrepute; may have a problem with the children, and sitting down in some way or has to special consideration. In sum can have great social upheavals or explosions. Jupiter is in Taurus in the 8th house, conjunct the Black Moon, negative aspects to Saturn and the Moon, and good aspects to Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Chiron. The negative aspects on the one hand may indicate that health is very critical this year, to the point that during this cycle can get out of their management. Also tend to be a victim of treachery and plots of all kinds, people who supported and will not, is likely to be abandoned by its people and politicians of other countries may also be the case that death or abandonment of international policy on which it rested, do you lose strength or conviction of their political objectives. The positive aspects will have great character, intelligence, and / or strength to deal with situations in which would be involved, she will feel that they can not win and has the ability to follow through with their convictions. The Lunar Nodes are between 3 and 9 houses, making the international and legal objectives, are most important to solve, will sign new international political agreements. One particular thing occurs this year, is that these positions of Saturn-Moon-Jupiter square or mundane personal level widowhood mean, in this case might be disconnection with an important politician in life, whether national or internationally.
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