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20 de Noviembre, 2013    General

0 ° of Sagittarius Ophiuchus 11/22/2013

This took into account the area every year , as Nostradamus predicted through this day , what would be the next year, until the next transit of Ophiuchus. Actually in this area there is no fixed stars , Ophiuchus is a constellation of two distinct groups of stars , they stop outside the ecliptic or transit of the Sun and the Earth thus through space, transit through the full circle Alcyone . In this space of stars , say the energy comes directly from the center of the galaxy , without obstacles in between. For this cause the fact to see what happens here . The Sun is in the 2nd house , the money and resources in good aspect to the Moon and Jupiter are in conjunction in the 9th house , almost the Midheaven , this may indicate a major shift in the global economy , and staff , is as an increase in trade associations worldwide, which will be much more balanced or split the profits or benefits , there will be a great resource expansion or release of money, international politics tend to greater sociability or connection for the needs of the people. There will be many demonstrations of people between countries , as the basic resource needs in some countries is uncertain, or are in crisis profunda.La Pluto conjunction of Venus and the Ascendant in Libra , indicating the strong binding of the company or the people will be exerted on governments , this cycle to the next step by Ophiuchus , is governed by social, economic and political , tending to a large integration , and changes of both leaders , as in economic policy, and the strength of pressure on the real needs of the people. The Sun is square Neptune , so the deceptions and betrayals policies may tend to continue , if so Uranus squaring Pluto - Venus can make people come to fill and total rebellion , as the day indicated . The revolution will be so great , I think it has been before this effect . I've been saying for several years , and has been met. Also the Earth's climate will play a major role in all this , beyond what men 're deciding on our course , earthquakes , volcanic activities , massive rains , large mobilizations of water, floods, heavy snows , changes in climate , high winds , etc. . But technology and science is going to be increased , and managed at higher levels , is likely to start making drastic changes in current technology by major climatic changes , one of those is how greenhouse crops , as massive or large areas , because the situation will require it , and perhaps the use of electric transportation and combustion of petroleum , is likely to start using old discoveries or inventions that were far longer sides by oil handling . We're coming to the big crossroads. It is likely that the first world countries start using first because they will see that what is coming is not a game , but then begin to act in other low-income countries . From the point of view of the spiritual, will tend to bring about change never seen before, on a massive scale , in which people seek much more than at other times in the spiritual refuge , and religions as they are not providing what the situation current required in the needs of the people, is likely to be collapsing somehow, and profound changes and necessary optics and knowledge of the truth . The artazgo of people in this time will be in all areas , and spiritually as an endpoint will want to stop the lies and deceptions of those who lead them. this is a time of great change , one year full of changes really necessary , because humans we awaken to the reality in which we live .

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer


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