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31 de Agosto, 2016    General

Virgo New Moon 01/09/2016

This New Moon occurs in Virgo in House 2, so changes or early are associated with money and material acquisitions, or what you have. Besides this conjunction Sun - Moon is in conjunction with the Lunar North Node, so the goals or more important goals, have a new beginning or start of objectives, this point is very important, because things are decided here or initiated, are very marked and activated, it is important to be clear you want and the direction you want to reach or achieve. The problem that arises is that this conjunction Sun - Moon - Lunar Node North is very poorly aspected by Saturn, Mars and Neptune, making the situation more difficult, prone to defeat the breakdown, depression, fears, phobias , insecurity and more. So we must have great strength and clarity to face internal situations. It may mean that some politician or someone of royalty fall or is in danger or there is an international crisis, or in some way by problems in climate or soil, the situation can be really difficult, either by earthquakes, eruptions volcanic, tidal waves, tsunamis, things can be really difficult at international level. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter continue in conjunction, so this may ease to many negative factors these days, this triple conjunction can produce an increase in intelligence, spiritual, sentimental or love, wisdom, etc., it is a very positive factor for some can be a growth in the economy, money, and materials contained, is a good time for writers, artists, travelers, musicians, teachers, researchers, scientists, doctors, medicine in general, alternative therapies or natural healing systems, singers, etc. This positive factor can help resolve legal problems or solve really difficult situations. Uranus is in the house 9, buffing or force in the area of ​​spiritual and humanitarian, perhaps generating mobilization of humanitarian groups or new entities of humanitarian action. Neptune is in the 8th house, with bad aspects of various plants, so it is expected an outbreak of viral diseases, and mental illness, for some suicidality, not to see a solution to their situation, fears and insecurity They are increased. Pluto is in the house 6 giving the possibility that new jobs are generated, or improved social and political situation, changes are linked to the power of society.For different signs:Aries is in a good spiritual moment, renewed, or released, with new ideas, and a great inner strength, it is now likely to see things more clearly and humanism.Taurus changes can be quite important, both personally and in the material, material achievements and career.Gemini the situation affects them a lot, although it has clear objectives, external situations can be obstacles, not enough money, and health does not help.Cancer can be wear by stress, physical and psychological, but still can have significant achievements, new business proposals, possible money winnings.Leo maintain inner strength, despite what is happening outside, or your health, recovery situations and discomforts, the wheel of fortune accompanies them.Virgo is in the eye of the storm, changes can be very deep, but achievements are also very large, important gains possibility of money. Perhaps some important relationship, travel, achievements for students, medical and scientific. Perhaps fame.Libra with less stress, with some possibilities of materials, research achievements, and legal solutions.Scorpio situations are concentrated in the home and family, the trend to the deceptions and betrayals, "care".Sagittarius tensions are great, situations can take you to make drastic changes, what else is there to take care is health, column, bones, genitals, and moods, try to be with positive people who encourage .Capricorn are very refreshed and with a strengthened inner power, feel more freely and management at the will of their situations. all important achievements.Aquarius good time socially, renewal sentimental, good time in romantic relationships.Pisces must take a lot of inner strength, but because it can be to sink on problems and situations, loneliness, must care and health check.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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