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14 de Octubre, 2014    General

Venus - Lunar North Node conjunct 3hs9' 10/15/2014

Venus - Lunar North Node conjunct 3hs9' 10/15/2014  

This conjunction of Venus with the Lunar North Node in Libra, is in the 2nd house, and astrological general situation is rather complex. This combination creates a powerful magnetic attraction of situations of love, family, beauty, inspiration of all kinds, social achievements, connecting with people, groups and societies of all kinds, creativity in art, music, writers, Etc. the Lunar north Node contains the potential and major life goals, so for many is like finding their potential, and even the reason for their existence, since this conjunction accompany the Sun and Mercury the influence of these conjunctions days before and days after manifests, and are very powerful, so you have to be very attentive to what happens within us, and what happens to our environment or situation we are living. It is likely that the opposition of Uranus in the South Lunar Node, generate all kinds of forced, or required changes, with tendencies of rebellion and freedom needs. The squares of the Moon and Pluto can generate large mobilizations of people to protest the current political situation, but at this point may be that the changes are much more significant than what was in the making before. It is likely that many people find your success with money, profession or job, but the scarcity of resources or climate issues, creating an economic crisis that has to unite the entire planet to do something together, can mean the fall bag or a global crisis. And it causes them to have to face a new way of approaching the situation. It is likely that the issue of the stock exchange detrimental over time and disappear, and appear a more realistic foreign exchange and material form. The support of Mars and Jupiter give you a strength and expandability to this important conjunction. It may be that one or several political regimes fall because they are obsolete and have to adapt to a new form of global integration. 
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 

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