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20 de Septiembre, 2013    General

The frequency elevate spiritual antonyms

Much has been written about chakras , meditation , yoga postures , mantras , etc. . sometimes sounds like Chinese , or after testing them leaves us as before ; does that to that is? very simple, they are complementary mechanisms to work deeper inside, less artificial ( to find a shortcut that leads nowhere ) .

In my search I found the truth , it really works from the first effort , this method should advise our brothers of Being One ( ) is so simple and easy to do in any time , any time , any place , just need the will to implement it.

The method : the use of antonyms

How it works:

Very simply , what are our shortcomings , we identify and apply the antonym , we put in place to correct it to remove it, as easy as that , it's magical , acts immediately .


Recognize that I'm selfish , the antonym would be generous

By practicing generosity in every way, also around us , we see people around us begin to perceive the change , we are treated differently , the spiritual vibration is felt internally , the anguish of longing disappearing virtues things or other people who do not have, (apparently ) , feeling satisfaction and freedom.

Recognize that I am resentful , the antonym would be merciful

By practicing mercy, forgiveness change the grudge , because you know the states of unconsciousness of people are not aware of their actions ( cause - effect ) , just for yourself,

until you start to recognize your mistakes and repair them as vices , bad habits, violent emotions , bigotry , manipulation, etc. , When with effort and strong will manage to dominate the spirit vibrates with such magnitude that not only benefits you , but to planet and the universe , making awareness to know the cause and effect of our actions. If not modified will remain unaware of the damage they cause , not only to who has it or who are targeted , but also to third parties indirectly. Also undermine the mind, negative thoughts, in apparent end vicious cycles , affecting health, such as organs , systems, bones etc even falling into depression, or mental illness.

It is time to radically change life , moving from suffering to joy, from depression to happiness, from bondage to freedom .

As easy as using antonyms .

Repeat these phrases to yourself , I can do it, I 'm stronger , I'm sure do , I am valuable to my loved ones and humanity , I 'll make it . I am able to do .

In short , practice , practice, practice the negative of negative to positive and see the achievements , you will feel better every day, the energy will increase, you will want to continuously improve , your understanding will increase the knowledge of yourself will make freer. When you feel that every time you need less material things to live, that natural unprocessed foods are better than artificial ( full of preservatives , additives etc that generate addictions , diseases etc . ) , Begin to join the planet , the universe, your awareness level will increase and you will solve your day to day with the best answer.

Do not expect more , starting now, for I am free .

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