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09 de Mayo, 2013    General

Taurus New Moon 10.05.2013

This New Moon in Taurus is just a continuation of the events that have been announced in these days, here the changes are related to how to achieve or realize his life, how to organize, or carry out its objectives, how to make concrete real and everything that you want, here the illusion does not count as etheric, Taurus just accept what you can touch or reach, and helps us to see a reality that is attainable or not. As is conjunct the South Lunar Node means ending time associated with a previous life or a life process associated with a previous life, whether psychological capacities to achieve, romantic relationships and resolve unresolved, needs to stabilize its material life or resolve your material world, is likely to be found whether old internal problems, or you finish old situations that have been dragging, and given a finishing touch. It may be the end of something and the beginning of another, things did not work out or not met in a previous life, as at home or by sign, is what brings wont solve or achieve. With Mercury and Mars there is reasonable force and physical energy and enthusiasm in order to cope with the whole situation. It's a good time for psychologists and for people who need to see old internal problems. Pair is a good time to find the strength and faith to get inside. The conviction here is deep, where emotion, mind and strength come together in Taurus.

For different signs:

Aries is likely to doubts as to which direction to go, has new situations in labor, but many expenses or debts.

Taurus good time to meet his inner faith, and strength to achieve all your goals. Many sexual and mental energy. New things are coming.

Gemini predict improvements in every way, economic growth, good health, good connection with the children, or instruct children. Ability to travel.

Cancer very good social contact, many social relationships very well in romantic relationships, possible partner for marriage.

Leo tends to try not to be in social contact and social relationships as exhausted or tired, the couple is under review, or choice.

Virgo is in a stage of profound change, really need to take more control over their lives. Some situations may renew the couple.

Libra is truly in the air, situations can happen without the full control is as psychologically anesthetized.

Scorpio and pressure has spent most of the previous days, help is in force, a good time for sports, trips, or engage in the spiritual. Achievements in the profession or business.

Sagittarius good time in labor and economics, and career. Friends that help.

Capricorn one hand feels like to get away from the other and rest of the external situation, but the situation has to face everything, no matter what happens, luck accompanies it.

Aquarius feels that things are but can not mobilize as you want, feel pressure from all sides, you may think that doing nothing will placate all.

Pisces are calmer waters, and the economic situation is recovering, lucky day, but watch the couple or people who relate, because it tends to deception or betrayal.

RICARDO ZANI astrologer

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                                            WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, NOT LIVE

                                          WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING, NOT EXIST

                                                WITHOUT LOVE, I AM

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