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05 de Junio, 2012    General

Sun-Venus conjunction 06/06/2012

This is a conjunction is the most anticipated in recent memory, because for the Maya Sun conjunctions with Venus were the most important, and somehow make the most important events of the year, between conjunctions. Planets exert more influence astrological and astronomical Earth are just Venus, Mars and the Moon is the Moon. This combination occurs in Gemini in the house 3, (Greenwich Mean Time) in good aspect to Saturn, and Mars negative. The Sun is the ego represents power, light, life, the Heart (our system), and Venus is love and how we came together and connect to others, both together make a deep connection with love, and the expression thereof. Somehow in astrology it is said that both the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn, governing the processes of time, in different ways, or different influences. So this conjunction to the Maya marked the annual cycling processes, and it happens that this conjunction is in good aspect to Saturn from Libra (Libra's ruler Venus), so set a time of change in the appearance of love, social, cultural, family, partners, etc.. Sun and Venus are in the house 3, the brothers, the concrete mind, analytical, rational, thoughtful Gemini, connected to Saturn, the Father, so that humanity will have a change in the area of ​​the brotherhood, perhaps the events future will we have to unite to battle the situation strongly, whatever. Mercury is in Gemini in good aspect to Saturn and Neptune, causing the mind to be much more profound, serious, responsible, practical, stable, constant, etc., these areas offer opportunities to get to the places or reasoning mind, discoveries deep, is special for those working in psychology, or those who are doing therapies of all kinds. The square of Mars to the Sun-Venus can indicate serious problems in the sexual, emotional, social, problems from falls, collisions, or violent temper outbursts, explosions, earthquakes, fractures, head injuries, heart problems, problems with pressure, nervous system problems, stress, etc.. The square of Jupiter to Neptune, you can make it difficult achievements of money, will tend to the scam, and poverty, despite the enormous amount of resources on earth, can produce tidal waves, floods, tidal waves, winds hurricane, heavy rain, etc. .. The square of Uranus to Pluto and the Moon, may indicate that governments or international politics will be in total imbalance, and can drop a powerful government, and the shift of power to another. Major changes in political power over the situation required, or pressure of the people or the masses of people. (Sun-Venus conjunction this governs their influence until the next conjunction next year)RICARDO ZANI astrologerFor charts to zanimiguel9@gmail.com
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