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24 de Julio, 2014    General

Sun-Jupiter conjunct 07/24/2014

 Sun-Jupiter conjunct 07/24/2014 20hs43´

This conjunction Sun - Jupiter in Leo is one of the most beneficial in the Light of the Sun expands the higher mind, the objectives are expanded, everything tends to be lucky or facility, or things flow in a way that feels that everything is attainable, and that anything is possible, and that Jupiter has to do with the projection of the goals for the future, and the need to grow mentally and spiritually. The heart becomes large and expands, so it is likely that many companies or spiritual groups do humanitarian aid in bulk, or begins to generate greater awareness about helping others, both materially and spiritually. It may mean that many people begin to follow the spiritual path, or find the deep need of the encounter with God, or to know the truth at all. From the human point of view it may mean that for many, the opening of many job opportunities, and also to find a cure to a disease that this suffering. From the political point of view it can mean significant achievements in international politics, the emergence of political and spiritual leaders, or that many people who were working internally as externally spiritual start helping others with his knowledge and experience. Some country may tend to split into two, by profound differences of political and spiritual ideologies. There may be a marriage into royalty or someone important in politics. Commercial companies achieve maximum expansion or success, but it is likely that firms that are generated in these days only last a short time. There may also be the death of a political leader and the coming of a new one, but controversy or crisis. 

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