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19 de Noviembre, 2016    General


Every year I speak of this part of the Sun's transit over the open part between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, which some say is Ophiuchus, which is a constellation that is not on the line of the passage of the Sun, and is on this line , But the feet of these constellations are on Scorpio and Sagittarius.The interesting thing is that Nostradamus used this star-free area, which the energy of the center of the galaxy directly reaches to make the annual predictions, it was as if it determined that the beginning of the year was here in this space of the year. So I will tell if it is, as in previous years, the trend of what will be this transit from ophiuchus 2106 to ophiuchus 2017.The planetary drawing is quite complex, they make a format called a bucket model, in which a planet is the one that carries the greatest force to pull on the others, which is the Moon in conjunction with the North Lunar Node, in Virgo, and ends In Uranus the conclusion of the planetary process. The Moon conjunction with the North Lunar Node indicates that it is possible to program or achieve goals at the emotional, social, and family level, to achieve things that in the past could not reach or accomplish, so this aspect would mark that social and massive projects are The most important ones for this year end and the year 2017. This conjunction has negative aspects of Saturn and Mercury, indicating strong brakes, obstacles, or oppositions in social, political, commercial interaction, strong obstacles in the legal part or Agreements between nations, or between society and governments, much neglect of all kinds, cold and calculating emotions. You may feel that things are stalled, that nothing works, or that some area of ​​life is slowed down. The conjunction of the Moon - North Moon Node on the other hand is in good aspects with Pluto and Venus, indicating that on the other hand you can have some internal power to make great internal and external changes at the social, sentimental level; Some people will reach an extraordinary level of power, social expansion, fame, large-scale achievements, own ability, and strong conviction. The Venus - Pluto conjunction can generate the possibility of generating large masses, large mobilizations of people, or major changes in social, spiritual and creativity in general, it can generate a great power of conduction or capture, dragging Many people, whether on a political, social, or spiritual level. Someone may take advantage of a turbulent situation to take power or take action. The ascendant is in Taurus, this can give a stability or need to materialize the things of making them real, of wanting to concretely achieve achievements at a material level, so the ambition and the achievement of objectives can be greater than in other years That this year can find stability or ruin, but the fight will be greater. As Aquarius remains in the middle of the sky also the need to want to be or be independent in every sense, to want to do things above others, to emphasize individualism, achievements will tend to be individual rather than in a group. As Mars remains in mid-heaven, the personal strength and drive for success will be at its fullest, and as the wheel of fortune accompanies it, many things can be accomplished this year, under great effort and personal strength. Jupiter remains in Libra in house 6, giving the possibility of expanding knowledge in general, will increase scientific research, art and social in general, great achievements of all kinds especially in the workplace, may the world economy Has a profound and drastic change, but will tend to economic and political growth, and to a greater globalization of the economy. Animal husbandry may have great growth in many areas. Saturn and Mercury remain in house 8 in Sagittarius, on the one hand this conjunction often produces a lot of awareness towards the attitude of life, how it is taking everything, invites reasoning, make conscious evaluations, observe the past, and reason deeply That is wanted of the future, since Saturn has to do with the time, it brings a lot of mental coldness but under much conscious reasoning; Helps to learn things that in another moment we would not do it, it gives us a lot of patience and constancy. The problem with this conjunction is that the Lunar Nodes, the Moon, and Neptune are in quadrature, producing a feeling of insecurity, depression, a feeling that things do not work, such as being restrained, fears, phobias, betrayals , Social problems or with the connection with others, tendency to isolate themselves, or to distance themselves from the others, and the family is not the best refuge; There may be major political and social conflicts at some time of the year, on a large scale, problems with large floods, or water mobilizations, heavy rains, problems with virus spread everywhere, etc. Uranus is receiving the final energy or the completion of the whole system, but as it remains in house 12, you may feel that you are not fully free, or you can free yourself from all problems or obstacles fully, here Requires a lot of conscience and a lot of will power to cope with this year, and also act with brotherhood and humanitarian attitudes to dissolve or release some internal insoluble problems.

Ricardo M, Zani astrologer.

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