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22 de Octubre, 2014    General

Scorpio New Moon 10.23.2014

Scorpio New Moon 10.23.2014 21hs56´

This new moon occurs in Scorpio in the 4th house, so the situations of home and family are the most important, or more important, the 4th house is related to the past and ancestry, so they are good times to look observe and resolve old stories or past problems, especially regarding the family. What is special about this is that New Moon is conjunct Venus, so it's very special situations expected, since for the conjunctions Mayan Sun - Venus and the Moon, make changes or events that will manifest until the next conjunction Sun - Venus - Moon, fortunately has no negative aspects, and has a positive aspect of Neptune, so it gets intuition, clairvoyance, feedback, spirituality, and depth. This combination opens deeper feelings, connects us with love, because the Moon's emotion and external personality, the inner Sun, Venus and love the soul, can produce profound changes in life as a whole optics in which you see life, may life experiences, spiritual experiences, or a rethinking of everything that exists, can make a complete change will have. It may also be that a new relationship change all the action and give a new perspective or direction to take, the contract may be so large that it will not go unnoticed. The change can be completely spiritually significant experiences that may be taken at another time might not be the issue that will influence this for months, and even years. The days leading up to these days, and they continue to produce large-scale changes in humans and therefore in this world. Mercury is conjunct the Lunar North Node, so the mind will focus on the most important purposes of life, giving you all the details you need, and also giving strength to all who are in the area of ​​learning, research, and teaching, communication is the most important and the expression of what one thinks and understands. Uranus is conjunct the South Node Lunar making want to get rid of all the conflicts in the former life you have, can produce a deep revolt, and want to solve all at the expense of anything, no patience, and even have to destroy any thing. Pluto is in inharmonious with Lunar Nodes, Mercury, and Uranus, making her want to do things pressing, or make them from a point of frustration, or wanting to impose one's will, things may not work en masse, or massive frustration is the motive of the new programming, also for the oppression of governments are setting the pressure for change peoples wear. Jupiter supports giving positivity Lunar Nodes, expansion, joy, wisdom, achievement. 

For different signs: 

Aries last pressed to want to get rid of it, perhaps changes in the workplace or profession, a good chance of success or career success, money achievements, expansion of its objectives, but under pressure or large obstacles. Or somehow not accepting the current situation or the situation of those around him. 

Many Taurus astrological greatly affect this situation, fasten your goals and action inertia, perhaps changes in relationship and social attitude, proposals of being or not being alone. These claims may be associated with the material and sentimental. 

Gemini affects them indirectly, without so much oppression, need to take rest or relax to situations, because you may not have full resolution of themselves and their environment, but the goals are clear. 

Cancer have the feeling that they are handling situations and can do little, but this new moon will give them endless new possibilities, the wheel of fortune accompanies. 

Leo on the one hand have excellent chances of achievements and accomplishments in the profession scale of money, but his look have strong disputes with older people or people demanded higher or bosses. Problems with pregnancies, or abortions. Problems with children if they have them. Expenses for children. 

Virgo is like almost oblivious to the situation, but a good time for students, and those in the legal field. Short trips. Situations with siblings or relatives, 

Libra may very pressured by so many situations and changes, perhaps moving house or home, family changes, stresses the profession or work, you have to take care of the issue of health. Achievements in studies or in terms of research, mental achievements, achievements of ancient goals. 

Scorpio total change in your life, great openness to love, and the reunion itself, integrating your reality and personality, great intuition, and achievements in the spiritual realm. Perhaps a love or partner who is short, and the possibility of permanent coexistence. Maybe obstacles to money level or with bosses or superiors at work. 

Sagittarius the situation affects them indirectly, things to solve the situation of the children if you have them, and have strength in face of finance. Good time for sportsmen and actors. 

Capricorn the biggest issue is the labor, health, and family tensions, or feel depressed or wants to pressure others to do their thing. It is likely that a great love and the possibility of stability in this area geste. 

Aquarium should look after their health, and social relationships or societies, are likely to have a tendency to relapse, or that everything is somewhat slowed, but it's time to make changes or discover internal constraints. 

Pisces possibility of long trips, very profound spiritual experiences, astral travel, visions, predictive dreams, and possibility of a new love or profound changes in the couple plans to marry. 

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 


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