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15 de Diciembre, 2013    General

Sagittarius Moon 12/17/2013

This full moon is associated with the inner and health, we probably have the feeling of listlessness or not wanting to do anything , or somehow try to stay away from situations that are pressing it or suffocate you have, the tendency is to rest or enclosing themselves or others , withdrawal can cause low psychological defenses , problems with social , family, or somehow not wanting to take action or confrontation , for fear or insecurity. It is likely that external situations insecurity den action . It is good time to visit the psychologist . therapists or lead us to a enrgética or physiological regulation . Mars, Pluto , Jupiter and Uranus are in bad aspects , making social , economic, political situations are critical , and also with the trend as all this time, earthquakes , volcanic activity , high winds , and all types of weather ; this situation may indicate astrological armed conflict and all kinds of attacks and explosions. Venus squaring the Lunar Nodes may indicate that social is not in the right direction, or somehow the emotions are not well targeted , so the social uprisings or demonstrations continue their march as before, with major complications. It will be very careful of false or falsity of those people around us , because it can be the currency . Recklessness , coercion, violent attitudes , will be part of these days , and even an excess of impatience. The reactions can come from all the emotions that have been building and can be expressed in the form of explosion.

For different signs :

Aries have to spend a little and be fully prudent in driving especially with work, money, family , and health check .

Taurus is likely to be situations is associated with relatives or siblings. some legal situations. Chance of contracts of some sort. The support of Jupiter and Pluto is giving them clarity , strength, and expansion in their lives.

Gemini good situations in labor and finance, many social relationships, good intuition and memory.

Cancer good time in labor , social , cultural, emotional growth , and good time in the couple, wedding pose , or infatuation. Achievements in the home and family . The wheel of fortune accompanies .

Leo is more as an observer and expectant of all social relations and the couple are coasting , but the need to reach deep emotions and feelings like being mobilized .

Virgo is likely that emotional or social relations, are pushing to create changes or reforms in his psyche , and the need to want more self-control of their reality.

Libra has to take care of your health tremendously. Much passion and sexual stimulation , emotions are overloaded and explosive , care temperament, actions do not risk their lives , do not react with violence.

Scorpio good time to do things that give them stability, success in professional and spiritual, good contact or experiences on travel , love or travel abroad.

Sagittarius Mercury is helping them regulate their thoughts and reasoning , giving them strength and focus on your goals .

Capricorn feel your inner power is emerging , is a good time to analyze and analyze the environment , is likely to feel that they have the full path or situations outgrow , not risk his life for nothing, not be swayed by temperamental outbursts . Amorous situations may not have the expected direction .

Aquarius is an observer rather than an actor situations, but fully affects their independence and security is as sobrellevada all ,

Pisces is like a himpas peace and emotional regulation and material good time in finance , intuition , perception and vision of things accompanies them on their personal success.

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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