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10 de Marzo, 2013    General

Pisces New Moon 11/03/2013

This New Moon in Pisces is in the 6th house, the labor, health, details, cleanliness, neatness, here is more refined and sensory Pisces are these days especially for everything related to the spiritual, the psychological, intuition, perception, clairvoyance, and finding themselves within us, since they combine the best aspects astrological and astronomical, for an opening of human consciousness and spiritual, is an excellent time to resolve and look within, and make contact with the depths of our being. It is an extraordinary time to regularize or find a job, or start an activity that one really likes. The artists, sculptors, painters, singers, musicians, writers, etc, can have the best time of inspiration and expression of their skills and capabilities. The film is in the best moment of realization and expression, are likely to see new actors and actresses to jump to stardom. Social activity can be expanded greatly, will be all the more fluid and dynamic. For politicians is a very good time for public relations and international relations. You may be able to ascend a politician who may have an international significance. Or that some countries reach achievements in international politics and policies. Continue the great mobilizations of water, heavy rains, storm surges, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, windstorms, etc.. Also the tendency to the feeling of insecurity, fears, phobias, vivid dreams, depression, loneliness, etc..
For different signs:
Aries may change with changes in the couple or the couple together, need to make changes in the social area, the home and the past familiar.Aries perhaps the couple changes or changes in conjunction with partners, need to make changes in the area of ​​social, home and family past.
Taurus is a good time to take control over their lives and environment, are likely to discover things about yourself you did not know you could do or develop.
Gemini good time for those who study and those in the area of ​​sports, long journeys possible.
Cancer this may be one of the best times of the year, both professionally, labor, social, partner, political, economic, etc.. Possibility of marriage.
Leo feels as driven by the situation, or pressured by events, but stays clear objectives.
Virgo is likely to feel like a break from himself, and take a vacation to experience things that has been aletargando.
Libra despite pressures may be coming around, and have very good achievement situations, the wheel of fortune accompanies it.
Scorpio may have its best economically, and the structuring of life, many things take better cause.
Sagittarius situations with siblings is dominant these days. Solutions legal stuff.
Capricorn changes in the home and family, need to reform their past.
Aquarius wants more self-control, and self-control of himself and his environment. Finances are taking their course.
Pisces is the best time for a long time, has everything going for it, both at the social, cultural, psychological, spiritual, family, work, art etc.
RICARDO ZANI astrologer
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