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21 de Febrero, 2016    General

Pisces Full Moon 22/02/2016

This Full Moon occurs between houses 9 and 3, it means that everything that has to do with knowledge, wisdom, learning, memory, schooling, expressing the knowledge gained, is most important in these days. As the Sun is in Pisces conjunct Neptune, intuition, perception, astral clairvoyance, attracting forces or energies, or messages from other planes can be current or present. It might very vivid dreams, precognitive dreams you have, or that intuition is so deep it reaches a certain something unusual. Like the Sun and Neptune are in opposition to the moon can give sensation of insecurity, anxiety in the extreme, many mixed emotions, a lot of imagination, many illusions or idylls, fears, tendency to escapism by alcohol and drugs, it may be expected much of certain situations, and many disappointments, and even negative experiences, and have sensation of defeat. The Lunar Nodes are between the Midheaven (South Node) and the 4th house (the North Node), it means that the most important objectives have to be reviewed and processed, or change, because it may not by going anywhere, these days are not the most conducive to begin new things, or projects that are large-scale or require a long time to achieve. Saturn is in the Lunar Nodes inharmonious with the Midheaven, and the 4th house, so it can be social crisis, or braking, or there may be an institutional crisis between the countries, a crisis almost without for now, ruptures between countries, and policy objectives are here unaddressed, the crisis might make any political leader falls, or falls a major bank, also a drop in the stock market or international trade. Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Aquarius, this can give a lot of capacity for music, art, singing, science, and increases the need to be independent and individualistic. Mars is in Scorpio Making passions and sexuality are very intense, and gives a sense of security that you can achieve everything you want, because here Mars works hard in the determination, it's like brakes or barriers did not have but you have to check well what you want to do, because the astrological situation indicates "care".For different signs:Aries good time in labor or professional, or commercial. There may be good loving contact with someone older, or the relationship can be lasting. Beware of betrayals ..Taurus goals are sure, a lot of contact with people, very sensitive, pressure can come from the work area.Gemminis feel a little lonely, or wanting to get away from the others to regain strength. Situations take them to act in some way. The situation with your partner can be a little critical.Cancer good time in the area of ​​money, much enthusiasm, creativity, many internal discoveries. Perhaps intense sex.Leo good time economically, the money, shopping, perhaps tensions and doubts everywhere. Doubts about the couple.Virgo emotions can be intense, and family situations too. The objectives are unclear, the situation may be hindering a relationship.Libra situations may be in the area of ​​family and past betrayals eye. Some possible romantic relationships, popularity, and much art.Scorpio feel quite sure what they do and what they feel, many sexual intensity, mesmerizing attraction. Some achievement in labor.Sagittarius may feel that the current situation is as braking, or nothing works, may not see clearly the direction to follow, despite all the wheel of fortune accompanies them, to give them a touch of luck.Capricorn changes in the attitude of the couple, perhaps plans jointly, nevertheless some solutions in terms of work or profession. New plans in the home or home.Aquarius good time sentimental, mentally, creativity, social, studies, art, music, singing.Pisces perhaps a trip to relax or work. Great intuition, sensitivity, perception, visions of the future. Travel by water or near the sea. moment good for students.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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