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24 de Septiembre, 2015    General

Libra Full Moon 27.09.2015

This full moon is in conjunction with the Lunar Nodes, the Sun Lunar Node north, and the moon in the Lunar South Node. This can mean a major change of destination, may be the end of a process and the beginning of another, can mean a new era in relations with others, the end of an economic process and the beginning of a new one. The Sun continues in conjunction with Lilith so dark things that have been governed for a long time are likely to have an end, or otherwise be discovered or brought to the sunlight, there will also be careful of the negative critics or people of all kinds, and view or analyze what situations or goals are presented, in order to make the right decisions. Mercury comes from the Sun, so the reasoning is as concrete help to deeply analyze the situation. Saturn makes a good aspect to the Sun, the Moon and the Lunar Nodes, giving righteousness, stability, constancy , reliability, etc. But on the other Saturn side is inharmonious with Neptune, Jupiter and Mars, you can indicate great frustration, physical brakes, mental, emotional, depression, obstacles of all kinds, also can produce earthquakes, problems in the water, expansions virus, trend alcoholism and drugs, to fall into dependence on things. Contradictory wheel of fortune accompanies Saturn in the 7th house, this may indicate one hand relationships that begin with great seriousness or destination, and can be very durable for the rectitude of Saturn; It can also mean that a woman is carrying related or terminated to realize related that have endured over time and obstacles, it can also be the case for relationships that are developing under very difficult circumstances. It may be the end of a reign or a political leader and the emergence of a new one, in the middle of a major crisis.For different signs:Aries changes may be required, and associated with the past, especially in the professional, social and family. It is likely that old relationships, or meet someone who was your partner will materialize.Taurus is as something disconnected situations, you may want to disconnect from the rest of social stress that relations will print.Gemminis very demanded in every way, trend changes Important Network goals, and remains optimistic despite everything.Cancer major changes are generated in the area of ​​money and material situations, a new outlet or materials solutions.Leo is not alien to changes, good time for students, family changes, ability to grow in love, or establish new social contacts or loving. Achievements for those in art and music.Virgo good sexual magnetism, long enthusiasm, many activities, perhaps travel plans. You may want to move house.Libra is in the eye of the storm, many changes, new goals, to a destination, the beginning of another, perhaps proposals of marriage to someone older, or partner of the past.Scorpio can be changes in labor and health situations.Sagittarius tensions of all kinds, but there is the possibility of creating new work, social situations, and partner. The wheel of fortune accompanies them.Capricorn many reforms required by the situation, tensions health issues, perhaps the intuition take have success in the profession or job.Aquarius spiritual good time, good time for athletes, and those who are traveling or want to travel.Pisces tensions or conflict situations accumulate, they tend to be very exposed and very vulnerable, perhaps disappointments by deception.RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer. By birth charts to
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