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13 de Agosto, 2015    General

Leo New Moon 08/14/2015

This New Moon occurs on the 11th house in Leo. The goals or objectives are most important in these days, the connections with others, friendships, meetings, groups, humanitarian activities, science, the typical expression of self in individualistic way, the need and emotions deeply express , etc. This conjunction Sun - Moon is accompanied by Venus, this can produce new experiences in the area of ​​love and feelings, changes in relationships or starting new relationships, also renew social relations, achieved fame for social acceptance, more creativity in art, music, singing, acting, may be the case that people unfamiliar achieve fame or social expansively , whether actors, artists, politicians; can produce very important weddings or international associations, entities or meetings of all kinds, especially of a humanitarian nature. The positive aspect of Uranus provides technical and mechanical capacity and greater brightness knowledge and inventiveness, special help for those who study and are in science or technology in general can have breakthroughs in science or great discoveries all kind. The goals here do, can last a long time or project into a long time. Saturn makes an inharmonious aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, so it may mean that they have emotional, social, economic, political, etc barriers, may be the end an economic rule, or reign in particular, or to a real couple, also the fall of the stock market or the international economy, to financial institutions or banks.For different signs:Aries tensions by physical problems, a lot of work activity, or creative mind with lots of invention, renewal goals, new sentimental projects or through partners, social achievements.Taurus lot of social activity and creativity in art, music, singing, etc, good and renewed relationships.Gemminis good time of self-control and personal reforms, inheritance, or solutions of legal problems, possible long journey.Cancer good time for students and teachers in the profession or achievements in trade, possibility of trips, sporting activities.Leo can be a very profound change in every way, a before and after, for some it may mean fame or complete success, for others a great failure, there may be proposals wed, children, achievements in the profession, new love, travel, etc.Virgo is more analytical and rational than ever, very picky, with a clear mind and clear objectives. Perhaps new labor contracts.They pound on one side are finishing up a new structure in their lives new direction to follow, perhaps sex positive situations and solutions level of long-term money. Good time to social achievements or fame, the wheel of fortune accompanies them.Scorpio may be very required by the situations they face financial and emotional problems, either by the family or couple.Sagittarius good time to have significant achievements of money, and make significant progress in relationships, perhaps long trip or work proposals.Capricorn problems in the labor area, or tensions over new contracts, good time to resolve legal situations, good time for achievement in school.Aquarius major changes may be in the home or family, and the children if you have them. You might want family retreat, but they need their freedom, good creative moment.Pisces strong intuitions and feelings are very sensitive perceptive all, it is likely that the fears and the feeling of insecurity are scolding, but only for a short time.RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer. By birth charts to
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