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01 de Agosto, 2016    General

Leo New Moon 08/02/2016

This new moon Leo fortunately has no negative aspects of other planets, is in the 8th house, the house of the profound changes, to overcome obstacles, internal errors, change pride in delivering heart, find the I internal order to have the real power of control of themselves and the environment, is a time of deep feelings and emotions, here the heart is exposed, the I, so it is a good moment to express what feels full force and conviction. It is good time for politicians or people who has a position of command, or control or power of any kind, to carry their goals with control force and determination, generate profound changes, despite all obstacles they may have a small moment of power and action, although it can not wait way too positive or long-term results, the situation is not completely help. Pluto and Uranus have left momentarily the negative side, so that both generated tension has dissipated momentarily, signs that are going to rest for a short time are Capricorn and Aries. Pluto is on the ascendant in good aspect to Nodes Moles, Jupiter and Neptune also is in conjunction with the Wheel of Fortune, so it is at a point of power, gives the ability to deal with difficult situations, ability to transform and solve complex psychological problems, see more clearly the situation in which we are living, and have the capacity to manage conscious and more willpower to operate or act, is a good time to make big change, solve complex situations, reach popularity, or find the inner power. Luck accompanies this situation. Mars is inharmonious with Mercury and Venus, so it can produce tensions in the mental area, feelings, love conflicts, marital conflict,temperamental starts, or violent, little patience, headaches, inflammation in the nervous system, tensions , irrational attitudes, love and sex are not connected. Saturn keep going in inharmonious with the Lunar Nodes, Neptune and Mercury, this can produce feelings of insecurity, that things do not move or do not work, it's as if you were braking all, things do not take their cause, fears, phobias, depressions, obstacles in studies, or end legal problems, etc. I advise you not to make long trips.For different signs:Aries feel as free of tensions with much inner strength to renew his life, much love to express, need to make changes in the home or family, or make moving house.Taurus are a good time to relax tension, a lot of inner strength, new projects need to embrace the children.Geminis, work and health are most important to face the situations it affects them indirectly.Cancer much social activity, many need to stabilize the couple or have a partner, much love to the family and the mother.Leo very distinct situations with very deep changes in attitude, perhaps new approaches in labor, new developments with entrepreneur achievements for politicians.Virgo lot of mental strength, things start to settle down, reach new solutions, expanding horizons. Perhaps long journey. Achievements for students .Libra is a very good time to have personal, social, labor, business, etc achievements for some possible marriage plans. social success or fame.Scorpio eye with betrayals or deceptions, goals remain hard and great conviction, eye with accumulated anger or fights. A lot of intensity in the sexual.Sagittarius the destination looks like not help, the brakes are very strong, mars action may give them strength, but watch violent or explosive attitudes. A lot of insecurity.Capricorn side need to be more solitary, but on the other hand are finding much power internal to act, new horizons open, good time to solve internal things. Luck accompanies them.Aquarius good time to fix things materially or money, good possibilities of personal achievement and act freely in their projects.Pisces on the one hand feel insecure or afraid to act, but on the other hand have a meeting with his inner strength, try not to travel or make long trips.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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