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07 de Agosto, 2017    General

Leo Full Moon 7-8-2017

Aries very good moments, a lot of mobility or action, personal independence, very active especially in intelligence, creativity, perception, construction, electronics, science, etc. Good time to build or structure the future and the present, you can present very good opportunities, travel, studies, companies, solutions of things of the past, etc.Taurus can be recovering from diseases, or problems in general, the situation may be pressing somehow, good situations in the labor, fate seems to be momentarily restrained, but continue with the inertia of the effort.Geminis good situations in the social, the love, the couple, the cultural, the art, etc. For some meeting a significant or stable couple, and very positive, the wheel of the fortune accompanies them. New goals, and renewed projects. Some problems of tensions, whether by labor, social, or the home.Cancer good situations in social, cultural, art, music, an unusual brightness in these days. Good magnetism in love, the couple, an unusual passionate contact can present itself, which can last for a long time, associated with deep feelings and their profession, deep things to solve the family.I read very intense moments, many possibilities of sexual relations, a couple of destiny, or a sexual pair, perhaps trips, achievements in studies, very good moments to accomplish things that at another moment become almost impossible, many doors open, much inner force. It may be the end of things of the past and the beginning of new ways of life.Virgo many doubts, disappointments, situations unclear, perhaps achievements in the commercial, or profession. Health problems, viral problems. Problems of betrayal or deception.Libra this full moon can give them excellent possibilities of expansion of goals and situations, important achievements of goals, long journeys, achievements in sports, solutions to unthought things. Very good moment in every sense.Scorpio these days are not the best for you, much loneliness or feeling of being alone in everything you do, need to be understood. Goals feel stalled, and hampered.Sagittarius are coming out very difficult situations internally, and external also, possibility of intrigue, betrayals, very complicated things, dark situations.Capricorn good chances of monetary achievement, economic and material stability, good time to buy, sell and save money. Possibility of a job with driving charge or a better position of power.Aquarius many situations with siblings, relatives, many pending things to solve with the family past, possibility to remember things that were very hidden in the unconscious. Notwithstanding very important achievements, perhaps some relationship of couple with someone of the past, or pregnancy of someone who already was his son in a previous life.Pisces difficult or unmanageable situations of the home or the family.Dilutions, deceptions, betrayals, moments in which do not know which direction to actually follow, moments of disorientation.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer.

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