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17 de Agosto, 2016    General

Leo Full Moon 18/08/2016

In this moon the sun is over the house 12 almost up, and the moon over the house 6 almost 7, so psychological and health is most important, and the subject also work. The situation is likely to generate a lot of stress on people, the sensation of being alone, or no support or assistance of some sort. It is good time to make a psychological review, go to therapists of some sort, to find internal solutions. Venus is conjunct on Lunar Node North, and this can produce the meeting of very important relationships, and for some love destination, which can be very strong relationship and deep, but the problem is that it has several negative aspects or inharmonious Saturn, Mars and Neptune, so it can produce emotional blockages, frustrations in loving contact, things that do not work, or fall into double relationships, deceptions, betrayals, false idealism, or fall into the hands of fake people. It can also cause depression, feeling that nothing works, insecurity, fear, internal loss, feeling of abandonment, suicidality, etc. The conjunction of Mercury with Jupiter can give the impression that intelligence is full, you can put together future projects, and to really rational to see the goals, it is a good time for students, writers, reps, translators languages, mathematical, etc. The conjunction of Saturn - Mars may indicate a double factor, for a constructive side, hard as metal, and cement, and other destructive, able to disarm as deeply armed, here it structured and cold is activated by the force Mars is expected complicated situations in international politics, instability and fragility of some powerful countries and powerful politicians or families, may be falling economic and political structures, collapse of financial institutions and banks, and more. The conjunction of Neptune on the lunar South Node in House 7, may indicate idyllic love, or sublimated, love or relationships associated with past lives or past, which of course is not going anywhere, are based on a false concept or illusory, and it will come diluted, can cause more pain and problems, joys. Pluto is in the 5th house, without bad aspects, being free Pluto can act as a balancing force of will, constancy, and power inner enough to know how to cope with situations, so some reunite with their inner power and cunning , to act in all that is being presented complicated, for some it is like a rebirth. Uranus is also released from the tension, so you can act with more action, intelligence and creativity, will act with more innovative ideas and an unusual brightness in everything he does, the humanitarian tend to act more forcefully.For different signs:Aries will enter a temporary release phase, the end of tensions, and very demanded reforms may feel with renewed strength, and eager to make all kinds of changes, a vision of the fully renewed life.Taurus winds and waters helps both physically, in relationships, social, spiritual, despite how complicated everything.Gemini remain complicated at all, a lot of pressure on health, the couple, and social relationships, but they may have achievements in the profession, work, and what personal finances.Cancer project is going well, it is as if nothing directly affects very good social and emotional projections.Leo are like in a time of inaction or observation, things do not go as they want, but waiting to resurface inner strength, new targets construct self think, difficult, but not impossible.Virgo on the one hand have the possibility of finding a deep love of fate, but under many difficulties, and if they have difficulties couple is making pose continuity, on the other hand very good chances economically and socially.Libra pressures continue but with less stress and more freedom of action, it is likely a stroke of luck economically important or money.Scorpio the current situation does not directly affect them, but they have some tailwinds, both socially, the couple, and legal issues or contracts. They should be careful with many people around, there close betrayals.Sagittarius are at a time of great tension between construction and destruction, between consciousness and madness, between acting or leave everything aside. Relationships with older people.Capricorn feel quite free from tensions, with greater management of their lives, more emotional, social and finance control. Recovery psychological problems.Aquarius good time in labor and public relations, perhaps a lucky break in the couple, loves that can appear quickly and go quickly. Luckily for artists.Pisces endless situations, are exposed to everything, internally and socially. Any loving relationship that can come, but you probably will not last long. The worst may be in the mood, with feelings of defeat, fear, insecurity or where to go.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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