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01 de Agosto, 2012    General

Leo Full Moon 02/08/2012

The Sun is in Leo with a preponderance of planetary aspects, this day comes as quite positive, with an unusual force, generated by the many positive connections between the planets. There may be significant advances in science, art, politics, macro-economy, is like a small island in the middle of all negative events that were occurring. Outputs may be important in the workplace, especially international trade. Structures can be built over time. There may be a significant event in a reign. In short it is a special day to schedule or make things that much is expected, either in labor, financial, sentimental, arts of all kinds, science, etc.. It may happen that a scientific discovery is revolutionary.

For the different signs:

Aries is a unique moment that is given, which can take full advantage and can reach large-scale goals. Maybe in the area of ​​love to open many doors. From the social aspect as well. You may have a job promotion, or find a very good job.

Taurus keeps its clear objectives, and has the natural inertia to continue them. Many parties, and meetings with friends. Your friends can help their objectives.

Gemini This is a great time in every way, with the best opportunities, expansion of resources, achievement of goals on a large scale, possible expansion in the social area, possible love, and good health.

Cancer can make you feel stresado, or with little desire to continue their actions, can make you feel disconnected from others, while the need for someone to understand and accompany him a little.

I read this with all the strength of their signs, and with all the potential in your favor, any proposal wobble pair can make their scheme, however much social activity, and success in the labor and business. Politicians are all in their favor. New plans in your profession.

Virgo is like a neutral, you may have to deal with situations with siblings and relatives sercanos. Solutions also the statutory rate. Those who are studying can follow their normal course, with intelligence and reasoning that characterizes them. Maybe new labor contract.

Libra has the potential to resolve old disputes with particular problems of the past, you may find a couple to live together, or having an encounter with a potential wedding couples. Good opportunities for sex, and much social contact, he will leave his lethargy. Achievements in the profession or labor, perhaps changes in the workplace.

Scorpio a good chance of financial success, and can handle situations around a bit more at will. Achievements over the child or children.

Sagittarius achievements continue to demonstrate, and are finalizing a new structure for things to come. Opportunities for new jobs or job security. Strong bond with their children, that one can reach the goals you both expect.

Capricorn has the wheel of fortune in the 7th house, so they have everything going for in the area of ​​the couple, and can no longer be alone those who are not also good time in the area of ​​social, cultural, and everything that has to do with the relationship with people.

Aquarius excellent time to expand their relations in general, couples possibility of coexistence, work and achievements in the profession, very good time for politicians, scientists, and athletes. Possibility of long journey.

Pisces possibility of long journeys, especially by sea, good time in the spiritual area, especially for those who are in the area of ​​mediumship, clairvoyance, perception, and astral travel. Possibility of deep sleep and prophetic dreams.

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