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19 de Noviembre, 2012    General

Grade 0 Sagittarius 11/21/2012

 0 ° Sagittarius or open space without stars 11/21/2012

This open space without stars was used by Nostradamus to predict what would happen in the next year, as a generality, he used this space as if it were the real change this year. In other cultures the happening CANBIO your criteria, as Maya in July, other equinoxes, the vernal Egyptians had several points, including the Heb-Sed, for the Chinese is in February. Pongo benchmark in zero degree of Sagittarius which is the point of interaction with Scorpio, but the gap is much larger, which according to a space in which the energy reaches the center of the galaxy without stars directly between medium. It occurs in the 4th house conjunct the North Lunar Node, and in good aspect to Uranus. This is a point of contact with humanity, the human self, the organizational, the vicionaria, the individualistic, rebellious, etc. On account here, because it is in the 4th house, and everything related to the family, indicates the family's past must be renewed or transformed into another context, in another more humane and liberal dynamic, with spiritual qualities. These are of higher ideals and spiritual, more universal, technical, scientific, research, and renovators of land resources. Inventiveness is a major point of action or production, so communication. The ascendant is in Leo, so all the brilliance and power of this sign will be fully, driving with heavy security and innate ability everything about society and the new events of international political activity. The house 2 and 3 are in Virgo causing the economy, the legal and the details are very important in the overall action of the people, is likely to be structured new forms of financial activity in the world, or that is a point rational and balanced for all resources. The 4th house is in Scorpio, where Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Moon's North Node, and the Sun, it will tend to structure a home or nation, with greater participation in every way, the company will not be so out of the designs that large or powerful economists have been making money, new criteria are established social and humanitarian action, in which the masses or help people or all support each other, either by way of the leaders, or forced by the situation economic or climatic planeta.La 5th house is in Sagittarius and Mars and Pluto there, the power will be the premise of action, and if it is accepted or not, and with the subsequent reaction of the masses and peoples, and the actions of rulers; Reactions can be very good and also very violent. It is expected all kinds of attacks, acts of war, big explosions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, high winds, experiments that go wrong, failing nuclear power plants, etc.. But anger is correcting errors by force of the people, and their great needs, and also the world situation is des swinging by 2013, which will bring great events that mankind has not yet been prepared, but will have to face, over the financial and political activity in the world. Do not forget that we are human beings living in a very fragile world, and changing, and we accept your changes, and adapt to their natural process of action. The 6th house is in Capricorn, making work and health are priorities in this annual process, it will take very seriously the issue of healing, and solutions to diseases that appear to date "seemed" incurable because honesty prevail first. The biggest problems may be the bones, genitals, spine, nervous system, head, is immune system, circulatory system, liver and pancreatic problems. It is likely that new virus outbreaks appear to act en masse. The 7th house is in Aquarius, so the issue of family and marriage may be taken each time more as separate activities, and each time has less effect on formal marriage, cohabitation is taken for granted by mutual honesty, more than signing papers. The social and humanitarian activities will take further action and relevance. While Neptune is on the side of the 7th house, the house is almost 8, is expected to be released many spiritual powers, extrasensory, psychic, metaphysical, psychological, mediumínicos, astral travel, connections with higher entities of light, alien contact, etc. In short the human capacity will be increased exponentially in this area of ​​the paranormal, psychic research and large scale mind. The house 8 and 9 is in Pisces indicates a very deep process of transformation to spiritual and psychological level is within reach unimaginable spiritual development, and field research, especially in the area of ​​the processes of the mind, goals were reached unimaginable. The moon is in the 8th house, it may indicate that changes in personality and relationship with others, spiritually charged great importance on the personality of the people, as a permanent point of view, and the material accompany the process spiritual. The memory can be increased because of this situation of increased spiritual activity, being able to "travel" to the past and the future internal and external, in a more natural and fluid, and traveling spiritually. The 10th house is in Taurus and the South Lunar Node, so the ability to reach large scale material goals is effective, international politics can get to stabilize, and make concrete economic political systems more stable and durable; banks that emerge maintain long lasting, but should structure the past, and resolve the old structures that have only affected people and benefited only a few. The 11th house is in Gemini and Jupiter, so the targets can be expanded, analyzed, and can have multiple addresses or purposes, typical Gemini, the mind can be expanded on a large scale, knowledge, learning, etc.. The 12th house is in Cancer, so the family or the family is the one that most will suffer in this transient transformation in this age of humanity, it can mean that the mass of the people is the one that will be in intensive care transformation, we must thoroughly analyze transient events per year to the next contact with this area in 2013.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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