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24 de Mayo, 2013    General

Gemini Full Moon 05/25/2013


The Sun is in the 12th house, and the moon in the 6th house. The Sun Mars and Lunar North Node are in the 12th house, so it is likely to feel the sensanción that things do not work or become dormant, or in some way the body and mind do not respond as one intended, is likely to feel the vulnerability of personality and emotions, to feel exposed, or with low defenses. For this cause you can feel the trend or psychosomatic diseases. Irrational fears, phobias, or depressive tendencies. Neptune Squaring increases fears, falsehood, treachery, deceit, and the tendency to double or clandestine relationships relationships. By the Moon may increase at the workplace, and also on the other hand, the loss of many jobs, or abandonment. It is likely that emotions are clouded or obscured in any way, it is not clear the way forward, so international politics may have a very critical time or disconnection or falsehood, in the attitude of relationship, this disconnection may end serious conflicts or separation in relationships between countries. It is expected many rains, large movements of water, floods, tidal waves, etc..

For different signs:

Aries is with great force and conviction about their objectives, that want to achieve no matter what happens, no matter what I have to do. The biggest obstacle may be health. Maybe some hidden affair.

Taurus is likely to last it is pressing, and need to do a thorough review of his life. You probably have a sexual relationship outside partner.

Gemini has many things that are pressing, and may not be eager to act, but the conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Jupiter will give you a loud and clear deep action, with the possibility of expansion in all areas. Ability to solve old problems. Possible relationship, which can be very deep.

Cancer is a good time to regulate their economic situation, with a good flow of luck to your favor. Family situations can give others spend.

Leo wants to be a refugee in your home or family, you may be planning to resolve situations at home, or have a new home.

Virgo is focused on the financial situation and the situation with the children, is likely to be going through a time of disappointments or antagonism, and a lot of imagination. Perhaps journey of some of the children., Or achieving any of them.

Libra good chances in the workplace, and good emotional possibilities in the area or school. Perhaps traveling on business.

Saturn Scorpio he is making a slow and strict, but concrete and stable, they may be a bit colder than normal, but firmly structured. North Node gives them the possibility to build their lives and to achieve their goals.

Sagittarius busy social and family, good windfalls. Perhaps lucky new relationship or marriage plans.

Capricorn good time to make major changes and big decisions tend to have greater self-control or self-restraint and situations. Solutions herencias.cuidar legal or health. Travel

Aquarius great success in professional or employment may come to things for too long awaited. Labor and professional independence.

Pisces is likely that in these days feel a bit confused or disappointed, or otherwise are doing water through situations. not the time to make important decisions, it is better to wait.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

By birth charts to

                                          WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, NOT LIVE

                                       WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING, NOT EXIST

                                                   WITHOUT LOVE, I AM

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