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30 de Diciembre, 2013    General

Capricorn New Moon 01/01/2014

This New Moon is profoundly important , complex , critical , and transformative . The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Pluto are in conjunction, this planetary deep emotional connection produces a rational connection , strength , awareness, power of manifestation . You can make the changes on a large scale , as Pluto the great transformer , the power of the will, the governing bodies , and consent management of society, so the biggest changes in this time following until next year at the next conjunction Sun - Pluto, will be massively or large global , social , political and economic events will have a change to dimensions not seen in this world, the political situations reach maximum power , and the masses people or the people as a higher expression or reaction to the powers that govern them. The economic situation may tend to extreme changes if you are not finding the right direction in addition to countries will be coming up to economic crisis situation , and tend to consider a global solution to clean up the crisis. Extreme poverty versus wealth , power and impotence of some large-scale antagonisms will be at its peak . this crises can generate major armed conflicts and massive explosions occur, here the policy is in crisis due to the tensions for wanting more power or wealth, or the attitude of wanting to have full power at any cost , with the corresponding unconsciousness what you can generate , the massive damage that may occur , the attitude of not wanting to assign or change accelerated the situation, and also want to require any form they want to impose. But resistance will be fierce. Scientists can have serious setbacks , or have serious errors that can complicate the situation worldwide . The climate in the world will not help as you will be in difficulty too , so volcanic activity , earthquakes , hurricane winds , tidal waves, etc. .

The conjunction Sol - Pluto always important mark for the year will , as in previous years , in short governed a total transformation in all areas of life, is likely to be unprecedented changes in events.

For different signs :

Aries in these days is more rebellious than ever, and more impulsive, this is likely to help them act with great force and determination. Do not drive at high speeds, and risk their lives for nothing. Try not to do extreme sports.

Taurus although the situation is pressing , and last well, has good potential for economic stability.

Gemini the situation leads them to react, but have a clear and focused mind , good time for students, the body may feel tired or unresponsive safely .

Cancer may be the biggest concern for the children , trying to address with the correct travel of any of them , achieving any of them, but with great effort .

Leo is likely to feel they have all the power of standard management , but feel stable in labor , is likely to give solution to any disease.

Virgo good time in labor and maybe some chance of couples, and much social activity. Many claimed through the labor .

British couple situations are likely to be in difficulty , or otherwise want to break ties, or change their situation by a more passionate relationship , because it is a time of increased sexual demands and response partners. Little patience .

Scorpio is as balanced despite all your projects are on track , provided vallan in the right direction , but Saturn will make them aware . Maybe a couple of destination or want to formalize an existing one.

Sagittarius good time for students and teachers to achieve goals in these areas , and also for athletes . Possibility of travel .

Capricorn an extraordinary time of change both in the profession , such as economic and social . Watch your profesión.Logros studies . Take care of the couple.

Aquarium plans are underway, and in force . Many parties and social gatherings .

Pisces is a time to rest or take away from the problems and recover from stresses or problems, a stroke of luck.

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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