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03 de Julio, 2016    General

Cancer New Moon 04/07/2016

This New Moon occurs on the up, and accompanies Venus. This may mean that love, beauty, contact with others, the social, the typical expression of artistic skills, family, and emotions are most important in these days. It is good time to fully express emotions connected with ego strength and to start projects or make being maintained for a long time, projects can be involved family or people we love, for some people it can be the rise to fame or to have a great social success, it can be a character or person with great charisma appears, and capture the Attention of many people worldwide. The Wheel of Fortune accompanies this conjunction, so very lucky days are expected for many people especially those of Cancer. Moreover, this combination is on Sirius, so the beneficial aspect of this star can give an encounter in the depths of being, with almost unique spiritual experiences, or others the beginning of the spiritual path, the beginning of love for God or the Self Supreme. The opposition of Pluto to this New Moon and Venus may indicate that there are many pose couple and the social that can be contrasted with each other, can be love versus social and friendships, you can also to mean large mobilizations of people in protest, or in support of political situations, great contradictions and oppositions, disputes, double situations, double or opposed loves, etc. The positive aspect to the lunar nodes may indicate new and renewed relationships and feelings, plans jointly with the couple, wedding plans, reset lost loves, contact with people we love and we have not seen a long time, need for coexistence, pregnancies, travel plans, contact with people abroad, large demonstrations of spiritual groups, etc. Mars makes a positive Venus aspect, so love is supported by the sexual, it is expected much mobilization of loving contact with a lot of passion and intensity that for those couples may indicate relationships that remain deep in the memory and feeling couple. Many children can be conceived in these days following the intensity of love and sex in which this astrological influence benefits. Squaring Uranus from the Midheaven may indicate international tensions, liberal tendencies in some countries or peoples, tendency to want to leave all economic and political contact one or a few countries, with economic losses, may also be the stock market crash or system economic development of a country, with its corresponding drop their ruler. This conjunction Sun-Moon-Venus, along with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, do a mystical rectangle, ie potentiate each other's energies, so intuition, idyllic love, spiritual, and deep awareness may be present for some, along with the positive influence of Sirius; signs more positively influenced by this, are Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn. The inharmonious aspect of Saturn to Nodes Lunar and Jupiter and Neptune, continues to produce for some depression, anxiety, loneliness, sensation not find their own destiny, to have all braking sensation of insecurity, fears, phobias, separatist tendencies or no integration, circulatory problems, liver, poisoning problems, escapism through drugs and alcohol, states negligence and incomprehensible reactions, dementia, states of unconsciousness, viral or virus problems, nervous system problems, etc.For different signs:Aries possibility of achievement in the profession or business, significant accomplishments, eager to change the current situation, some kind of reform comes. Have much patience with your partner.Taurus much strength to continue their goals, possibility of renewing the feelings of love, especially in the home and family, a fact of popularity or social success.Gemini health is what should more care, tend to be alone, or to take away from others. Try not to make any long journey.Cancer this time can be a very profound and radical change, a deep love, social level achievement, the wheel of fortune accompanies them, long journeys, many possibilities of sexual contacts.Leo situations affect them indirectly, they may have significant achievements of money, achievements materially, some obstacles or problems in labor, perhaps with bosses.Virgo are in the midst of many different situations, conflicts, brakes, and new possibilities, solutions of legal problems, travel, renovation of the couple, love and possibilities of sexual contacts, and more.Libra external pressure situations, so the shelter is home. perhaps changes in labor and the couple, cut to situations that do not lead to anything.Escorpio perhaps some betrayals in the family or more people close, possibility of children, much sexual activity or much personal magnetism, very intense emotions. Travel, much social contact, renewal in love.Sagittarius the biggest problem may be health, and labor issues. Perhaps the brakes continue and insecurity which direction to go, Saturn can give you the strength and seriousness to resolve the situation.Capricorn many tensions with the couple, or what direction to go, a trip, solutions legal situations, labor tensions.Aquarius feel the need for greater themselves and situations, who knows, maybe have some extra help in labor, but under stress.Pisces perhaps long journey, reunion spiritually, perhaps renewal sentimental, loving, idyllic love, sexual activities or much magnetism in that area. Resumption of important activities.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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