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17 de Abril, 2015    General

Aries New Moon 18 - 4-2015

New Moons generate start or restart, a little at a maximum which is the full moon, here in Aries is double start because it is started or start with strength, safety, optimism, without thinking way too, no doubt, because he like action, the face, which is what makes them feel alive human beings, do, act and achieve goals, although the start does not mean achieving the goal, but at least try and act without fear, though we know the final results. As stated in the 8th house attitude is much more decisive in making changes or want to achieve goals may be marking dramatic or decisive changes in the international economy issue is as braking, or obstacles for the few or poor output ; there may be high legal or institutional conflicts within countries and between countries. Pluto squaring the Lunar Nodes may indicate that is not the way forward, or can not fully apply power. Saturn - Venus - Neptune are inharmonious, so they may be producing an emotional, psychological and mental defeat, either by social situations, couple, or home and family, betrayals, disappointments, separations, depressions; from the international point of view it may indicate social, economic, political, very difficult situations to solve problems with appearances from viruses, problems of a political or material president, legal separation of some royal couple disease. Problems with flooding, torrential rains, problems with ships and boats. etc.
For different signs:
Aries tensions exist, but it's a good time to apply all that power, push, entrepreneurship, action, typical of this sign, that is a very good time of changes and decisions. Perhaps proposed travel.
Taurus highly concentrated in their actions, good time for students and teachers, many sexual activity, fighting force, without fear, long and short trips, resolve situations with their children, some achievements. Caring for the liver and intestines, eye stress.
Gemminis good social, cultural possibilities, and art. Good chance of changing partners, for emotional disappointments aside, and love of fate. Perhaps social ascension, labor, financial success, but at great expense. Beware of infectious diseases with the virus.
Cancer on one side projects still valid, friends can help, but it is the tendency to be a little alone in themselves, working alone or in secret their expectations of life.
Leo good time to rest and focus on their internal and external problems, observe well, and their solution, liver and heart can be very required, try to get a checkup, will make them well. Perhaps some solution in the area of ​​money or new projects. Meet Me in St. Louis accompanies them.
Virgo for side maintain optimism and strength to act, good chances for achievement of money, but otherwise disappointments romantic disappointments or perhaps some treachery, or disappointment.
Libra good time on the work area or the acquisition of money, winning streaks of luck, perhaps the encounter of a love target, mixed with insecurities and disappointments.
Scorpio good time to resolve legal situations, situations with siblings or relatives. Old tensions solve, students or leisure travelers will be very required, or resolve conflicts.
Sagittarius many situations of family and home to resolve family conflicts old, old problems to be worked out and confronted, Maybe someone leaves the family.
Capricorn is not yet fully inside power to resolve their situation, but with a good chance of working, traveling, and intense sexual activities.
Aquarius much social activity, busy with friends, good situations with the couple, maybe some romance, maybe some romance and work together.
Pisces love disappointments, disappointments, perhaps treachery or deceit in the couple. Perhaps days are somewhat depressed or with little support or comprención of others, must also act tactfully and understanding on others to avoid making serious mistakes. Beware of drugs and alcohol, that does not help anything.
RICARDO M. Zani astrologer
By birth charts to
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