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22 de Marzo, 2016    General

Aries Full Moon 23/03/2016

This New Moon occurs between houses 12 and 6, so psychological and health are most important in these days. You may tiredness feel, or listlessness, the tendency not to want to do much, it's like being deflated and not wanting to take action, boredom can be produced by wear or psychological stress, and this cause can be likely to have some kind of disease in low immune system. Pluto is in the Middle angular Sky with Uranus on the ascendant, this may indicate some reforms required in the area of ​​international politics, changes in social or in some societies, economic restructuring, new ways to express power, either by technology or by forced taxation. Mars makes a positive the sun and the moon look so gives you an aspect of extra strength to make some internal changes, but on the other hand Mars is inharmonious with Neptune, along with Saturn, so the tendency to phobias or psychotic outbursts or explosives may be present, you may have excesses in the sexual, disappointments, betrayals, double relations, etc. The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury giving it some day rational force, and sunlight to clarify all these internal states that at other times we can not do. Venus and Neptune are conjunct causing feelings are deep, idyllic, perceptive feelings, both are associated with art giving unusual strength artists, especially painters, sculptors, singers, musicians, actors and other theater or cinema , etc. Saturn is in inharmonious with the Lunar Nodes and Jupiter, this may mean that some people feel that things are restrained or that can not be find the right direction, the destination is undirected, realism is very deep. The conjunction of Jupiter with the North Lunar Node may indicate that some people be programming for large projects, and expand of what you want, target projects, but are not fully achievable for now.For different signs:Aries lot of personal independence, individualism, tendency to unexpected changes, pressures at work or profession. Little patience with the couple.Taurus good sentimental moment, stability in the material, money achievements, achievements in the profession.Gemminis good time for students, short trips, contacts with relatives and siblings, emotional instability.Cancer lot of inner strength, a lot of intuition, new projects, especially home and family.Leo feel that everything they can cope, they feel inner power to face all, perhaps a trip be postponed. Good possibilities of relationships.Virgo are in a disruptively, on the one hand good projects, luck and expand of objectives, but on the other hand are something slowed or trapped by situations.Libra good job opportunities, a lot of contact with people, loving possibilities, or contact partner, the wheel of fortune accompanies them. Beware of betrayals and deceptions.Scorpio emotional stability, good loving prospects, greater control or self-control, some social projects.Sagittarius are rectifying his life are stabilizing, with the seriousness it requires, very good sexual magnetism, ability to travel, good time for athletes.Capricorn lot of pressure in the profession, many individualistic trend, doubts the couple or unstable situations, but opportunities for significant achievements.Aquarius goals and clear objectives inner strength to keep going, chances couple much action.Pisces very deep, some idyllic love, deep intuition, much capacity for art, music, singing, painting, many social action, memories are skin deep feelings.By birth charts to

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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