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29 de Enero, 2014    General

Aquarius New Moon 01/30/2014

This new Aquarian Moon is much different than the new or full moons earlier , since the influence of Mars to come temporarily to the grand square I was doing with Pluto , Jupiter, and Uranus causes aggression and violence distiengan a little , impulsivity and extreme or extremist also negative attitudes. Here in Aquarius feel greater liberty will , or to do things and plan things , and you can be and act freely , creativity and ingenuity will be increased , taking solutions to things from a great view or strong inspirations , the mind will be forced on the one hand to have to act fast action . Those who will benefit or are strongly influenced humanist groups , or entities or spiritual groups helping others, and helps nature or want to improve the planet Earth, also scientists , mechanics, everything about the contact and development with children , those in the area of ​​theater and acting , acting in the areas of social and communication as the Internet TV and others, all who want to change from an internal point of view personal, social and human. However the squares Pluto , Venus , Uranus, and Jupiter continue their revolutionary action or wanting changes in the social , economic area , and policy, generating reactions of the people or companies doing big demonstrations by the cows to politicians or political existing . It is likely that religious groups have large internal disputes or problems , or too large for religious or political clashes religious differences . It is also likely that the crisis in the fall of stock markets worldwide continue deepening poverty and economic crisis in the country . The Pluto - Venus conjunction gives much emotional strength and sense of power profoundly express emotions , feelings or love, Pluto is about wanting power and reform , Venus is love and connect or join so many feel they can connect strongly or deeply in love , and you can change all emotions that are as entrenched or cooled inwardly , most connection is felt in the area of ​​family or household ; Uranus squaring can produce trends but want to change all default or non-acceptance situations especially couples, maybe make a new relationship crisis in the current partner. Jupiter on the Midheaven can give sense of expansion or expansion of economic resources , and may give a false assurance that large companies can achieve scale or achievements , but the situation should be reviewed thoroughly before risking too much capital or time something , as the global economic situation will continue to deteriorate.

For different signs :

Aries may have very intense emotions , situations will not let him rest, likely temporary or permanent loving relationships , a tendency to want to leave the old for the new, many social and cultural relations , many parties or entertainment .

Taurus situations wrong to want to push past the new situations and want to gain strength to face them , maybe use some trips out of tensions. Legal issues to resolve .

Gemini or spiritual travel can be a way to alleviate their situation or at least distract or relax.

Cancer may have spread or success in your profession or business, can be a promotion for their ability to work. Female eye with , or financial betrayals.

Leo New Moon can push it to change your routine, and your friends, you can be the order of relationships and goals that are considered outmoded . New optics.

Virgo needs to have some time off or retraining of their feelings and reasoning , sense of loneliness .

Pound it good time to start new projects and social , emotional and sexual intensity much , strokes of luck .

Scorpio good time in the area of money, perhaps important achievements of destination, and organizing your projects , but tends to be thoughtless or stubborn attitudes.

Sagittarius on the subject of the studies are likely to be in doubt or direction to follow, situations with siblings and relatives.

Capricorn lot of force to bring about change and the need to connect through love , possibility of people driving job , or associated with the policy. Need to change things in the family.

Aquarius great personal change , start of new situations , especially in the creative area , possibility of children. Changes for children. Achievements in finance.

Pisces good time for people to work , intuition and perception are full , but they should stop being irrational . stubborn or capricious , conflict situations with higher and higher. Legal and parenting issues . Stress.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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