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22 de Enero, 2012    General

Aquarius New Moon 01/23/2012

This New Moon in Aquarius, is in house 1 or ascending, in evil aspect with Saturn and Jupiter, and in good aspect to Uranus international policy here is a point of crisis, especially in economics, tend to fail all treaty or trying to reach some agreements, there may be a breakdown in relations between countries. You will have a liberating separatist attitude or links, the good appearance of Uranus that this trend will be more pronounced, and it tends to go to extremes by the release or settlement of conflicts. The trend of decline and death of political leaders or kings (in the case of Argentina is now the third). Economic solutions into Pisces tend to be improved, but the economic and political frustrations will continue until he leaves the opposition with Jupiter Saturn. Be expected with the weather problems, tremors, and you can see the airplanes affected by falls, also problems with failed scientific experiments, and explosions of all kinds, especially attacks.
For different signs:
Aries may be conflicts among win-win, despite the tensions that beset, it is likely you can fix things that are locked or seem unmanageable. Maybe some economic output. Also love to solve any situation.
Taurus is still with all its concrete projects or expand, but the opposition of Saturn and New Moon will not help much, beware the deceptions and betrayals of all kinds, whether commercial and loving. Try not to commit treason because they know you made them. Good social and romantic prospects.
Gemini strong desire to be with family or wanting to start a family. The memories that may be involved want to solve things in the past. Are likely to encounter old relatives. Possibility of buying or selling a house. For some women, pregnancy, or likely to be grandparents.
Cancer possibility of new jobs, and many social activities throughout the work. Ability to work jointly with your partner. Or find a couple in their work. Ability to partner with deep love and marriage proposal.
Leo should take a few days of rest or vacation, because these days can be stressful or conflicting, or unmanageable, it may be that what is brought from above, and does not support it. Beware of changing partners, who look good with relationships, changing partners in these days can be very bad choices.
Virgo is as an observer at a point of situations, however new perspectives on social, labor, and sexual. Tends to have an unusual sexapil can you take advantage and make many reforms in its existence.
Libra changes may come from external situations that are handled voluntarily. It is good time to review its internal problems and their potential to put them into action. If you travel or leave to get married next month or within 15 days.
Scorpio is presented with special achievement good times, likely to travel, whether for pleasure or business, which can be very fruitful. Good time in business.
Sagittarius seize these moments on a roll, or good fortune, because you may find the paths to follow, both in the political economic, business, professional, and all its objectives are realized or realizable.
Capricorn may be among the internal conflicts and their ability or strength, you may feel that everything can be achieved but is limited by their situations, but the wheel of fortune may be giving the quota so that they need.
Aquarius is in the midst of conflict is conflict, try not to be irrational or temperamental reactions because it can throw everything out the window, but if that's what I've been waiting for now is the time to do so.
Pisces has the best in your favor, good times social, cultural, contact with people, good chance of romance and / or relationships. possibility of some recognition or prestige reach somewhere. Good time for painters, musicians and artists, psychologists and scientists, and politicians.
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