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25 de Enero, 2013    General

Aquarius Full Moon 01/27/2013

Aquarius Full Moon 4hs38 01/27/2013

This Aquarius Full Moon occurs between 2 houses the Sun, and the 8th house the most important events Luna.Los is related to money and material resource management. Sun in Aquarius tries to be independent, creative, mechanical, active, etc, with accompanying Mercury, gives thoroughness, reasoning, greater capacity for research, especially in science and economics, Mars is also in Aquarius, giving greater strength and enthusiasm to everything that is acting or planning, both in terms of work, science, mechanics, ambition, and the will to live or experience typical Aquarian. The Moon is in the 8th house in Leo the attitude of the people is the honesty and strength of heart, with the ability to select, remember and resolve deep internal problems, the 8th house gives you more awareness and research capacity. Saturn is in inharmonious with the Sun and the Moon, so that international politics will be a maximum of crisis, a true crossroads of conflicting trends and disparate things will be brewing from governments, which are completely disparate or opposed to reality social or peoples, this will be so antagonistic, that prebalecerá for long, and will cause problems, which might make subsequent fall some important political leaders, may indicate the fall of politicians or kings, which mark a line to follow in international politics, and economy of each country both in the international exchange. There may be a stock market crash, or any major country into economic crisis. Policy changes in some countries, either through death of a politician or several, or bound to the social and economic situation. Mars is square to the Nodes so rivalry and fighting can be extreme. The climate in the world will continue as before, unstable, with strong winds, heavy rains, high tides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.. Viral outbreaks can also occur by the Jupiter-Neptune square, can also cause hepatitis, or liver problems in the circulation of the blood, arterial problems, and problems of intoxication. Drugs and alcohol can cause fatal problems for many people, it may be the case of mass poisoning.
For different signs:
Aries in these days has excellent support astrology, which rely to solve and do anything, and alcansar all those things that have been banned before.
Taurus relationship with the children is paramount at this time, your creativity and self-expression, they need to have more control of their situation connection with the social environment.
Gemini very good time for social, cultural and labor eye with people coming on, someone can betray. Windfalls. Some love.
Cancer lots regarding people, self-control and much more should care what is health. Do not expose your life to extremes.
Leo situations may be exceeding its control limits, people and family require much attention. Family and social obstacles. Do not decide until later important things more positive.
Virgo feels as out of any situation, but with good chances to make and act positively, spiritual good time, and travel opportunity.
Libra despite existing obstacles, is a good time for all matters relating to the profession or work, financial success, political and social.
Scorpio is planning long-term, but this day is not the best to achieve its objectives, the most important is health care.
Sagittarius on the one hand it feels like distant all, but is trying to step in and work with your inner strength.
Capricorn is in the midst of a transition situations, oppression and other ... but still has the ability to resolve and act. Possibility of love. Achievements of money.
Aquarium storms do not scare him, or UV, so is his life, able to act and live in kaos and be with a smile. It is good time to the sexual, and resolve economic problems, tensions at home.
Pisces maintains his composure, but see that potatoes are burning. Beware of people around, look good, watch out for scams, fraud, etc.. Problems in the liver and blood.
RICARDO ZANI astrologer
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