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21 de Enero, 2016    General

Aquarius full moon 01/23/2016

This full moon may be marked drastic changes to emotional, sexual, family level, many tensions, and the possibility of aggressive or explosive emotions, or very marked impatience, fights or contained ready to react. Maybe the economic problems or cost overruns are the detonating of the fights contained, you might also tense situations sexual level are also another trigger, and tends to double relationships escapism or disappointments, or wear on the couple. Maybe the couple pressures are extreme and to reach final determinations or separateness. Romantic disappointments may also be present, or the frustrations of family couple may influence all internal and relationship with the other situation. Not a good time to make plans partner or moving in with someone, or make important decisions for coexistence, because they tend to frustration or be with the wrong person. The reasons may be colored by escapism or want to leave plight either family or work, and make wrong decisions. It would be better to wait for more positive moments in which reason and true feeling are stable.For different signs:Aries inner rebellion can be extreme, they should take care to have extreme attitudes or may be your life at risk, or do things they want to demonstrate their courage or bravery, poker are vulnerable to having problems in extreme situations.Taurus very pressured by financial situations, try to check the health issue, you may have extreme attitudes, or violence, explosive, that can break the harmony to which they are accustomed. Ability to travel.Gemminis good time in the area of ​​the profession, possibility of having to solve things related to the family.Cancer gladly social contact, goals can be related to contact with people. There are situations with children who may modify your goals.I read some things related to the family to solve problems may be for cash, or overruns, also separatist tendencies, or wanting to be alone, or terminate old situations with friends or family.Virgo may be organizing your life, and are likely to have great achievements destination, good chances important contact partner.Libra good time in the area of ​​money, good stability in general, but should remain wary of people who are related, because there is a tendency to treachery and deceit.Scorpio lot of inner strength and determination, achievements in the area of ​​money, too many expenses and dislikes ty with money. Family conflicts issues materials with separatist tendencies.Sagittarius may feel that your destination or goals are as braking, and feel that everything is going slow or difficult to move, but this will not last long, just a few months.Capricorn on the one hand follow the requirements in every way, but goes much inner strength and ability to material accomplishments or materials solutions, which are more health care theme. Important achievements of destination. The love theme is dissipated or as complicated.Aquarius many tensions in the family area, or in the area of ​​money or social, good time in the financial area. eye aggressive or explosive emotional reactions.Pisces intuition follows each deeper look, and can be applied in the social area and the couple. The wheel of fortune accompanies them, especially in the area of ​​the couple.

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RICARDO M ZANI astrologer

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