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16 de Octubre, 2013    General

10/18/2013 Libra Full Moon

The Sun is in the 4th house and Moon in the 10th house . All about home , family, and past, in opposite to the profession , personal success and future. These moments are to regulate, examine , love , order and structure the home and family , the situation will be prosecuted on the basis of the family as the focal point , either to restore relationships, or to make home improvements , whether for buy or sell a house, settle old family situations , etc.La Moon on the Midheaven may indicate that many ambitions or goals can be achieved either in the profession , in labor , economic , social , sexually, etc. . It's great time for some find fame or social expansion . They tend to wake up internal potential and can be expressed in the everyday . The ambition in some cases may be extreme , either by poverty that drives people to seek in any way, or because some do not want to have repaired in more and more of what you have no scruples. Some will be forced to have to go to other countries to regulate their lives , and not fall into neglect. Mars is in opposition to Neptune, so they may tend to sexual misleading or under a false concept , or in some way to the disappointment of not becoming what was expected also to business fraud, scams and theft, rape , and the possibility of contagion of sexual diseases , but also to excessive drug and alcohol consumption , the escapist tendencies , or the excesses of wanting sexual intensity . They may have heavy rains , winds, tidal waves , etc. . Saturn conjunct the North Lunar Node and Mercury, may be doing brake situations that could be being much more critical or conflicting , giving reliability, stability and awareness of the decisions and actions that are taken .

For different signs :

Aries you may be eager to renew the social and romantic relationships, or otherwise couple renew their situation .

Taurus feels very sure of what you are doing and keeping , is likely to be encouraged to make changes to your life , you feel very capable of doing and acting . It is likely that internal forces pull at other times did not make.

Gemini good time to social and cultural relations , it is likely that the plans and activities are put into action through relationships with others, as it is with clear objectives.

Cancer on the one hand the positive aspect of Jupiter is giving you the chance to feel more positive and confident in your life, but beware of the deceptions and betrayals , as the Black Moon will be there for long.

Leo is with great strength and optimism , good time to have achievements in the area of money and self- expression .

Virgo is overstimulated or recharged as energy , a lot of faith in itself , with good economic opportunities and sexual activity .

British home and family are the most important at this time , probably have expenses arrangements or problems at home .

Scorpio the past and present come together to be analyzed and solved , situations have to push them to resolve family situations , or situations inherited , inheritance , etc. .

Sagittarius tends to want to balance your emotions with new social or romantic relationships , good time to regulate the couple or make it more stable , a possibility that if you have children, some fall in love or want to marry .

Capricorn good time to express their strength and reliability at work are much inner strength to build your every day , good working time , achievements of one of their children , and little time to spend with them .

Aquarius great time to make changes and look at your life in a before and after, is likely to materialize want loving relationships in marriage, loving relationships possible pose you which direction to go .

Pisces is a good time to delve into the spiritual and psychological make deep changes or discover errors being committed , now that everything is going to help or better than other times. Intuition and perception is at a maximum of expression, advantage .

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